Has anyone else been seeing there packages end up at the wrong regional distribution areas? Like instead of my normal state i got a scan all the way in Texas from WA. Its confused me lately because this happened with my Medmama one and that one went to the Tennesse distribution center which is not my normal one. They seem all fucked up lol if they went by their usual routine i would get my stuff Saturday, but its looking like Monday now. Smgdfh its probably going to be my last order from here for a while. Money is tight and Trump is retarded.


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    Mine did last order, but it was in the same state at least. It went to Houston, not the usual distribution center, then when it got to my city it got to my post office, then left my post office, went to the regional post office, went to a neighboring city's post office, came back to my distribution center and then to my local post office. Usually once it gets to the Houston regional distribution center, I receive my package within a day or 2. This time it lingered in my area for about 3 days. So wierd. I know it's not mm or anyone's fault bc I usually get my package on time or a day before the expected delivery date on the ID, I think it has just been since this attack on the postal service has started. I've got Amazon coming late also.

  • I never see a package anywhere but the origin scan and then my local distribution center. Once it shows up in my city, it'll be delivered the next weekday.

  • I know my order will show up but the waiting game is awful. And the USPS tracking system is terrible. Leaves Denver Monday and then nothing since.

  • @EldoradoSan You’ve been stuck in Transit since Monday?

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    Oh yeah @BMan . Literally makes great progress from WA to CO Friday to Monday. Leaves CO Monday and not a damn thing since. And thats not the only package doing that. I have an eBay package from CA doing the same thing.

  • They must be using a truck to ship it or something is my guess because thats SUPER weird

  • @Bman Lo and Behold as soon as I bitch it shows up at the regional facility. So that should put it here on Monday. It’s just nice to know that it’s some where, not just in the void.

  • It's always a short trip here to Az. No problems in five years. Weds-Mon usually. Tues the latest. Even with all the problems this summer. (knock on wood)

  • Seattle lost their sorting machines thats why lol i just read about it that they took away 8 of their 18 sorting machines so no wonder its all fucked up and apparently the employees plugged them all back in as a protest or something lol what a mess

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