Loud & Co Distillate

Hi friends, I am new to distillate and just got it. I have been reading up on it and from what I gather it is about 99% pure THC and I can add terp sauce, of my choosing, to get the desired effects of it? Ex: If add GDP terp sauce to my distillate I will get the (strong) effects of GDP. Is this right? I don't want mess up my distillate. I use for medical and have a decarboxaylator to decarb my concentrate, I then put it in capsules for swallowing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • I am interested in this as well. . i have heard of mixing in terps, but never looked into it in detail ; i have never heard of mixing in terps giving a different effect to distillate, but that doesn't mean anything (definitely doesn't mean it's not true, i just haven't heard of it)

    interested to see if others chime in on this.. glad cannabis is having alot of studies done and learning much more about stuff like terpenes, their effects, etc etc

  • Yes @ilikedogs has it right!

  • Excellent! Thank you so much. I also was wondering it it already activated? Or do I need to decarb it? )THCA to THC) I spoke with cust. service at the decarb place and even they were unsure. Thank @medboy for all your help!

  • Distillate is already decarbed.

  • Awesome! Thank you!

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    Personally I don't find that adding terps affects the high, just the flavor. There are so many factors other than terpenes that determine the effects of the high. Mainly the overall cannabinoid profile like THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, etc. The distillate contains virtually zero cannabinoids other than THC.

    Also, not all terps are created equal. Some terps on the market are great and derived straight from cannabis, while others are garbage and derived from plants not named cannabis.

    Make that what you wish, but I have a hard time believing that by simply changing the terps you're going to get different types of high.

  • Research shows that many terpenes do affect the high through the ensemble effect. It's subtle, though. THC is way more in-your-face.

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    @medboy I have no doubt that they have some sort of effect, but to say that adding GDP terps to a near 100% THC distillate will be just like smoking GDP flower is disingenuous. Terps are just small portion of the entourage effect.

  • @Bobs_Vagana you're not wrong!

  • The distillate was ok it's a very warm in the face high but not like omg but it was vwry calming

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