New Strains up!

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From MM!



  • Also, Medical Jane has moonrocks!!!

  • That Moonrocks went FAST !

  • @suchacutie89 , MJ has a very limited amount of orders they're doing and go off the board for the day when max is reached, so if you want their moonrocks or prerolls try earlier in the day!

  • Perfect I’ve checked this morning already not up yet but definitely will check back in

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    @suchacutie89 the moonrocks are up now...peach cobbler 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 i just pulled the trigger. Hope you catch it too ⛽️

  • Loud has new stuff up!

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    Yes, just popped up! I had a feeling we'd see some new strains any day. I just ordered an oz of the Premium Wedding Cake. One of my favorites...that GSC genetics gets me every time...and at least for me, one of the most sedating GSC crosses. Had some Wedding Cake smalls from MM a long time ago that knocked me out so I'm hoping for a supplement and successor to my nighttime Blackberry Kush. Received payment confirmation in 18 min!

  • I'm staring hard at the Dolato!

  • OMG how long has this been up? i always get confused by this forum bc the times next to someone's posts are.. PST? maybe? definitely different from my local time. haha. can't tell how long these strains have been up. super bummed I am between checks rt now and strapped.. since there's more I would have ordered.. as it was, i had to scrap to get enough for a 1/4 of Dolato. one of my absolute favorite strains last time for its clarity and balance, it was strong enough and straight terpy to enjoy at night, but still clear headed and great daytime smoke.. MAN if i could have i would have got a zip, but i'm also well stocked right now (and my own girls are already a couple weeks in flower) so i guess it's no harm no foul.

    sure want to try that grapefruit if it's still up by Tues/Weds. LOL

  • @TheProfessor that's just a great pick-up. Only reason i didn't this time is because I got a split half with wedding cake last time it came up as a loud premium.. DID NOT disappoint! i still have almost an 8th left and it's cured up to absolute perfection in the last month; i went to break some out the other day and it's the best wedding cake i've ever had.

    hopefully this batch is every bit as good or better for you! solid!! another one i would've liked to try as mentioned is that grapefruit, but also saw something Lemon (don't even remember i was so focused on getting my order in for the Dolato) lol i'll have to check but i saw Chemdawg, Super Lemon Something or Other, Grapefruit.. yeah definitely will be re-visiting if these stick around

  • @v32Finish yes, it was a nice product drop today! I also looked at the Dolato but I'm still well stocked with both Gelato and Sunset Sherbet so I was just looking for something a little heavier. I've had the Pink Grapefruit in the past and it was pretty darn good! I've still got enough "days" to get another oz of medical dispensary flower plus a bunch of edibles before the end of the month (the quality here has improved dramatically). I'm still waiting on a big outdoor drop from both shippers...coming soon!

  • @v32Finish strains went up around noon Eastern. I ordered immediately, lol!

  • I know I need to expand my palete but couldn't resist pulling the trigger on a zip of the MAC. If I could swim in the stuff I would... 🤣🤤

  • @TheProfessor totally know what you mean. I've been there, too. Thx for clarifying about the time; if that's the case then I got my order in fairly early (12 central-ish, so.. within the first couple hours anyway. Seen em disappear faster than that, tho!)

    @Vices919 I totally know what you mean. The last strain I did this with, was the Alien Fire Kush. I ordered, then thought about it, didn't wanna miss out/not have enough.. so I ordered more b4 even receiving 😂. Still have some & glad I did. I have considered re-buy on the MAC even tho I have a fairly large jar still about 1/2 full .. I've said it before, but I'll say it again-- that stuff is straight up like hash. I have never had any of the hash-plant strains (Lost Coast Hashplant, G13 x Hashplant, etc) but I can't imagine how they would be any different than that. A little orange citrus, a little spice, and mostly hash . Just amazing .

  • And I have a label created already...that's rather novel, since ID has been so hit and miss lately.

  • New strains up already?? Dutch Treat. Chemdawg. Triple Scoop Gelato. Jah Goo. Orange Creamsicle. Orange Diesel🤤🤤🤤. Not even fair..😅

  • @MizterNiceGuy absolutely unbelievable . How dare they 🤣

  • Not even ready for that. I saw that at 5am this morning when I woke up for work and it shut my brain down for a few minutes. I still don't know what to think

  • Ouch...but I’m a good way.

  • I saw these new strains last night around 11:30pm. It was difficult to make a choice with all the goodies. I was gonna get Dolato but had to grab Dutch Treat. Cheaper, and if its anything like I remember, I'm gonna love it.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 I'm beyond excited for that Dutch Treat, haha. It is a PNW specialty, coming out of Vancouver Island if I remember correctly, so I'm excited it's through Loud, as they're WA based. Probably my favorite strain too.

    That Jah Goo and Chemdawg have caught my eye too.

  • @FancyGlass_BluntyAsh 🤣 So many strains I want to try.
    I'll definitely be looking forward to your reviews!

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    @MizterNiceGuy I’m gonna have to take out loan lol

  • Awesome tips ya’all thanks

  • The Jah Goo was excellent the last time around...which may have been quite awhile ago. Last year? Year before?

  • @TheProfessor Jah Goo has my attention but I just got 2 premium zips yesterday.

    @Theboyua don't do it!...unless absolutely nessesary. I'm already contemplating do I really need home utilities on?😅

  • I got Mac and Chemdawg because of the reviews. Asked for a freebie of super lemon haze hope I get it

  • @MizterNiceGuy yeah, I'm not getting any either, but it's good stuff! I've got premium Wedding Cake coming, plus I picked up a couple half-ounces of Yuzu Purple and Forbidden Zkittlez today at the dispensary using up some of my medical points. I don't need anything...but I'm still waiting on the outdoor drop!

  • totally torn here. my funds were used up on Dolato, but i also know how it always goes, so I planned for this- I set aside just enough to order ONE more strain because I KNEW this would happen. (basically every time i order something, i'm always asking myself "What if they drop [insert favorite strain of all time] tomorrow?" lol.

    I am in a deadlock right now between Jah Goo, Orange Diesel, Chemdawg, and Grapefruit. yikes

  • @v32Finish 🤣 I was gonna do a big order but held out. If something really nice drops next week, I'll have an opportunity. Yikes many damn good choices!

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