CASH APP... No Contacts for support?

I have tried time after time to "scan" the rear of my Florida DL. without any success. There is no way I have found to get any kind of support from CASH APP, as suggested to use from MM.


  • Iā€™m sorry but what happened ? The only way to contact cashapp support is by navigating to the app, then select the avatar on top right, go to support, select option closest to you issue, then go to contact support. Once you do that it will pull up all your transactions. Select the relevant transaction and it may or may not give you an option to email. Support for cashapp kind of sucks fr

  • Man I scanned both sides of my DL but if I do say so myself it's a little but tricky, it took me some time to actually get the card in view the size of the slot that scans your DL. It does take some patience but if you keep trying I'm sure you'll get it. But, after all said and done you only need to do it once. Once you scan both sides and CashApp approves your DL you'll be set. šŸ‘Œ I hope that you get it and good luck.

  • i DO remember having to finesse this as well. they need to change their app / software.

    i remember that it wouldn't work when i did it normally - i had to get a dark grey baking pan to use as a background, i think the increased contrast is what made it pick up better. maybe play around with your background, switch it out, and most importantly.. make sure everything is SUPER WELL LIT. lots of light and a steady hand. and patience. lots of patience.


    good luck!!! hope you get it figured out bc i love cash app

  • Yes, I'll echo @v32Finish and say that lighting is really important to get a clear photo.

  • Thanks fokes... V32Finish,
    I agree, they ned to change the APP. This post I belive, maybe MM prompted a photo only of the DL, and a "dropbox" to send the file to....

  • And it continues with Cash App. Below I got this Saturday, Sept.5 2020

    Cash App Support
    8:36 AM (6 hours ago)
    to me


    It's Dallas here from Cash App Support. Thank you for submitting your documents. We have received them and our account specialist team will start their review process. You should hear back from us within 10 business days regarding your bitcoin verification. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this process!

  • I remember that once I got my drivers license placed just right in the scan box the border of the box kind of lit up and the scan was successful.

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