Indoor Miracle Alien Cookies

I heard really good things about MAC. Now, is it the Premium one that everyone is raving about or is it the indoor or both?


  • Have had both, can confirm they're both amazing

  • There are certain strains, no matter if they are outdoor, greenhouse, indoor or premium, that people really tend to look for and MAC is one if them

  • I just received some indoor MAC and it’s fantastic..agree with @ecbraun all types are πŸ”₯

  • Does it look like the strain of mac that's up now .. looks like the same pic from last time

  • @Winston you can't always go by the picture. Those who have been here a while will have noticed that sometimes the same pictures get re-used on certain popular strains .. or even I've seen the same pic used on multiple diff strains! Lol. (just like the descriptions are reused.. which is fine, tbh,but I will keep pushing that I think it would be fantastic to have a little "batch notes" section beneath the regular descrip, which could give even just a couple words of specifics on current batch)

    Anyway. Yeah. Don't always go by the pic. But yeah I am pretty sure MAC is always gonna be a winner no matter what . Heard plenty of ppl say the indoor is still super dank, so I have no reservations ordering it anymore and probably will Someday (where before I would only order it if it was premium)

    Long post . Sorry. As for this current batch I am not quite sure how it matches up to the picture, appearance wise, but I bet it's some πŸ”₯ 😎

  • I just ordered a split of this and lemon haze, excited to try the lemon haze. Have had it multiple times in vape or distillate form but never buds

  • Ordered some about two weeks ago that was indoor and it is great! Hopefully this is from the same batch.

  • Ordered, paid, then was off the menu 5 min later. Hopefully I got it.

  • @NOLA504 i always hate it when that I always end up wondering the whole time and you really won't know til you get it

  • @v32Finish, yeah I've never had it where it went off the menu after ordering so fast. Last time MAC was on the menu I didn't know anything about it. Since, I have heard nothing but good things about it. Seems like it has very few neg. side effects and is a good daytime strain without seemingly making users TOO energetic. I put "No subs" so hopefully I can get a taste of it soon.

  • @v32Finish iv been here for a while . Since to site opened in 2013 and one of the first on this comments page . What I have noticed is that the picture is very important as to what ur product is going to look like . More than likely it's the same batch as last time with the same grower maybe a re-up are was taken off and re- posted for a time when it would sale better last time it stayed on site for several days

  • The picture seems to be rarely accurate, not important.

  • You can tell alot from a img that's accurate
    Not just by the name are description

  • @Winston i totally agree- i think just a little bit more emphasis could be put on taking a clearer, more accurate image. i didn't mean to imply that you haven't been here a long time, i just meant that it's something in general that people notice as they stick around here a while... i know i did... anyway no disrespect intended!

    @Sixwaychili totally agree. i think it can go either way.. because sometimes i have seen where the picture does accurately portray that particular batch. i think it just depends, they have alot going on & sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

    @NOLA504 that has only happened to me a couple times, once was with the White Widow from Loud.(definitely a re-buy for me) I ordered, then.. maybe 10-15 minutes later it was gone. i remember checking the page one time and it WAS still there, so it wasn't instantly or like 5 mins after, but definitely within about 15 minutes was gone. I wasn't sure the whole next week , but ended up getting it! Hope you get yours too! the MAC is really good, this last time that i ordered it was my first time getting any. it's a little heavy/strong for me for daytime, so it's mostly an evening smoke for me but i could also see people using for daytime bc it's clean/clear. good high. zesty/smokes like hash. very resinous. hoping you get to try it this time around!!!

  • Yes the Mac I just have rec'd this past Friday from last time it was up. have to say it's definitely good . My state as became legal with medical in place . Picked up some mac couple weeks back and what I rec'd from desp-. Was bigger flowers coverd in crystals smell was really good have to say it was no better than what loud is putting out just a little cheaper . So loud is deff good quality

  • The last offering is good but gives me a headache if I smoke too much. Not sure why. Every strain is different for each person.

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    @Winston What I mean is that you can't tell that a picture is accurate when you're ordering it, so what is the use? It's a total guess on whether the picture is of the strain you're buying, some previous grow of the same strain, or some completely different strain. Some of the pictures are identical for different strains being sold at the same time, right down to the exact shape of the bud.

    So relying on pictures is useless. I go more by the description, because they seem to put more effort into them than the pics.

    If I were doing it, I'd put the strain name on a piece of paper and the date in the pic just so you know for a fact that the pic is legit.

    Most of what I've bought looks better than the pictures anyway. You can barely see them they're so small as well.

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    Last MAC was absolute fire. Ordered a zip of it yesterday when it was up! Hopefully it'll last me til Thanksgiving 😬.

    Here's a picture of the last batch:

  • I get MAc every time it comes out !! It NEVER disappoints

  • Mac is def top 3 on that list last week

  • Anyone get the latest MAC that was on the menu early this week (Sunday I believe)? I saw it and immediately ordered a zip of it. Got it today and it just doesn't look like the MAC I ordered and loved the previous week. Not nearly as resinous or dense as the last batch. Just wondering if I got MAC? I know there's different phenos, etc. but it's very different from the last MAC.

  • I ordered the mac 1 before if got taken down..mines look like the pic batch is is really dense 7g of it looks like 4grams or so wish I knew how to post pics

  • @Batman4rmHouston please post a pic. I'll get one of mine.

  • This is a picture of the MAC I received today:

    Not bad looking nugs but definitely doesn't seem like MAC to me. And definitely doesn't look anything near like the MAC I ordered and fell in love with just the week before.

    Does anyone else have a picture of the MAC they received? I just want to make sure before I reach out to anyone about it.

  • These are from my MAC order a couple of weeks ago.

  • This is how mine looks

  • And your right doesn't seem like mac1 too me or maybe just not the best

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    i'm pretty sure there's a difference between MAC and MAC 1 but i could be wrong. aside from that, it def. sucks it's not the same you remember.. i know a certain amount can just be different phenos , even different plants sprouted of the same strain can be pretty remarkably different. the MAC I got a few weeks ago had like a spicy orange zesty skunk dank smell (my wife thought it smelled like rotten fruit :lol: :lol: but that was the jar, not broken up) and burned/smoked pretty much straight up like hash :flushed: it did look similar to the pic @Batman4rmHouston just posted, but maybe a lighter more olive color green

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