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Just ordered 1/2 oz premium wedding cake flower. I have tried this several times in shatter and wax, also vapes. I loved it every time. I’m not much of a flower smoker but when I do, I like the premiums and don’t mind a little extra for them. I will post pics as soon as it arrives! I will expect this in about 15 days, typical time for Loud to arrive across the country to me.


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    I ordered an oz. within an hour of it going on the menu. Wedding Cake is some wonderful typically knocks me out! I hope to see mine by the end of the week (OH), but I'd be happy with Monday or Tuesday.

  • Don't sleep on dolato

  • @MikeyC , I love Dolato! I have had that before though in flower so want to try something new. But Dolato is definitely a must have if anyone has not tried it. I also love Chemdawg.

  • Praying Dolato is still up on Tues . Planning to order more if it is! Also want to try the lemon haze!

  • Yea, I might have to go back for that the Dolato but I was trying to avoid the premiums because of the money I’ve been spending lately. I got Chemdog and Pink Grapefruit Kush (I’m assuming it’s the same stuff As last time because those buds were small as well but man they were freaking beautiful and it was some great herb.). I almost went and got more MAC But I’m still pretty stocked up. It’s the premiums I might have to go back for

  • @Theboyua totally understand.. i am basically in the same position, just reversed. i had to get the Dolato but definitely the Pink Grapefruit is the other one i'm looking at . to be honest i would probably get the grapefruit over the super lemon haze, but i've been wanting to try that as well. but yeah, this time I went ahead and got the premium but may be circling back for one of the others lol

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    @v32Finish The first time I got the pink grapefruit Kush, it was just regular it wasn’t the small buds. And let me tell you that was some of the prettiest herb, not to mention tastiest, I have ever seen in my life. There was one bud in there with that was just amazing that I saved for very last and then almost killed me just to smoke it. Just gorgeous and perfectly cured. . Then they had it again and it was like this one currently in menu with the small buds, and it was just exactly the same thing they were just all small buds but they were still beautiful/perfect cure and still very potent. So I went ahead and got a half zip of it and a half zip of Chemdawg which is already disappeared but I got on it quick yesterday morning early so I should be ok. But I want that wedding cake. You can tell those buds are dense AF too. I love dense buds. Maybe I’ll do a half zip split of wedding cake and the dolato. I’ll just have to rob my piggy bank and maybe get a divorce. Lol

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