Cannot place order.

Trying to place an order via bank deposit method. When I go to the bank they tell me the account of the seller doesn't exist. When I try to re-order again the site regenerates the same seller over and over again. I've tried 10 times only for to generate the same wallet ID which is linked to a bank account that doesn't exist.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • I’m pretty sure they only accept crypto, not sure where you found a bank account number for them

  • I use CoinBase online. I place the order. Choose BitCoin to pay. Then upon completion, I am sent a specific BitCoin amount to send to a specific wallet ID. I just copy and past the amount and wallet ID into the CoinBase transfer and it's done. Never have had a problem.

  • Yeah.. I know it says you can do bank/wire and all that but honestly I would just avoid that.. plenty of other options that are both cheap and simple. I recommend CashApp. The last thing I would want is some nosy bank employee poking around into my shit if they are curious or suspicious. Just try a different method ! CashApp takes minutes to set up and is very intuitive.

  • (I also would like to add that I recognize my reply is kind of annoying in that it does not address the actual issue. Lol. I apologize for being "that guy".. but.. yeah, no, just get CashApp :joy: )

  • I second CashApp
    Took me literally 24hours to get verified, then ordering since.

  • @Stab_Snipers it looks to me like you're confusing two different things. When you place an order through our order page, you get a Bitcoin wallet address to pay. Banks don't have anything to do with that, at all.

    You're asking them about a bank account number, which is a separate thing.

  • He can definitely be done that way but you are choosing the really most difficult way in the world. Just download Cash App and be done with it. My advice.

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    If Stab Snipers used bit quick.....he is given a bank account for the bitcoin seller for the buyer to deposit the dollar amount for the could be that the bank is saying that is not a valid account number in which to deposit the cash for the bitcoin.

  • That's true. @Stab_Snipers can you clarify this point for us? Maybe we can help you.

  • I've done a bank deposit a couple of times without a problem. Just be careful to transcribe the account # correctly. I use the drive through at regions bank at busy times in the morning. Try bitquik if you're in a hurry it will cost you a bit over 7% on your order at least it's been that for me. Get a bitcoin wallet set up deposits so you always have a bit of bitcoin for your heady adventures. Lots of luck and happy trails.

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