do you combine orders placed within hours or days with same seller?

@medman @medboy...have a question for you that i have not seen yet....i placed 2 orders on sep3rd...first order had 2 shippers (loud and med j) then i placed second order (also with med j) .....then on sep4th i placed 2 separate orders for the same thing (moonrocks)with med jane.....if orders are placed separately, are they shipped separately as well? or could med jane see that 4 orders go to same address and combine? just curious ....otherwise i should see 5 labels...1 with loud and 4 with med j...


  • I'm gonna bet that you are going to receive a package for each of your orders.

  • Yeah, in my experience, even with orders placed on the same day or within a short period like 1-2 days, (even if it's like 3-4 orders), they all ship separately and show up by themselves.

  • If they catch it they will combine but no guarantees

  • thanks everyone for the responses...i still only see 3 labels ....2 items have shipped created .....still missing 2....will see....maybe the label created yesterday will include 3 orders......kinda doubt it tho....@medman or @medboy had said there was a run on the moonrocks...the last 2 orders were for those..looks like my bud is on the way, so i can chill while waiting....and yes, usps is running slow...first order was to be here on the has been changed to the 12th now..running late it says..i think that is the new norm for usps..but the mm website has never let me down, and it is always appreciated!

  • I’ve had one combine orders on me before that were placed on the same day. I did comment on it as well though so it was pointed out.

  • @PettKatt...i did not specify anything to the shipper, woulda been a good idea tho in usually order all at once, but the moonrocks had to be ordered twice as i could only order one at a time...oh, weed

  • I'll chime in as well that informed delivery is pretty much useless, so if that's your source then I wouldn't put much stock there.

  • update sept 11th.....ok, today i got my flower from loud and 4 pre-rolls from that means they DID get my two orders(of the prerolls)... and combined them in one pkg....that bodes well for the two orders of moonrocks...there is one more pkg on the way...will update when i get it....but way to go medical jane .....the prerolls are about to be opened..they look amazing..@medboy..i agree about id, it had the orders just sitting in the regional office for the last 3 days..but i got the first orders 8 days later, not bad in my eyes..

  • @medboy, @medman..update 9/18...i got one pkg of the moonrocks on 9/14...waited for second new labels pkgs...ordered on 9/4...sent in contact form as it has been 2 weeks now...thanks..

  • MedBoy Is Spot on until march my informed was great now i get one scan out of 15 orders or so

  • i waited the 14 days to contact @medboy @medman ...but have not gotten any responses back tho...getting upset bout that...waiting 2 wks to report a missing order, then trying to have to go back and look it all up, sounds like a mess...not on my end tho..i have the bitcoin address both items went to, and the confirmations from medboy...just can't figure out lack of responses...i don't want to have to keep sending in contact forms over and over, sure that don't help..and yes, i am just venting frustrations, so please don't troll me....

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    Hi @jenbar420 . Looks like we wrote to you and your email address bounced. So if you write back write using another email. The reply was that your 2 orders were combine and should total up to 7 grams if you weigh them.

  • Never had mine combined. I’m glad. I like getting packages. Never gets old.

  • @medman...i did weigh was 3.5 grams...only one small silver sealed pkg...i even wrote about it here on this website...i have scales, i checked it.....don't know why my email bounced, it has never had a problem before getting confirmations..order was not combined...the prerolls were combined, but not the moonrocks....check the threads, i let you know all the way through i was missing an order....i even joked they would mess up the order....they did...i hate to eat $100 plus ...

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