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So is this 4real legit. I've been scammed on other sites. Just happened 2 stumble upon MM. It seems legit. I'm tired of smoking dirt weed here n Tennessee. And people saling cbd as real bud with thc


  • Yes, absolutely...and scroll down on the main forum page and check out the "New" thread when you get a chance.

  • Rounding out a year and Ive never had an order not show up from any shipper. But if you dont believe all the other posts, get yourself $5 of bitcoin and try an 8th. After I got mine it was pretty clear that if there going to mail you anything real theres no reason why they couldnt send higher volume

  • The sample 8th is $45, not $5. Just to clarify. We have a sample gram for $5, plus $5 shipping. I agree with Weedguy, it's the best way to go if you're skeptical. It's a low-risk way to find out the truth.

  • First time customer and am not disapointed at all. New fan boy here.

  • This is my third year ordering from them and have always received my order; sometimes there is a delay in shipping but other than that they are legit.

  • Thanks so much for your loyalty!

  • How do I order the gram or eighth sample?

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