Fell in ❤️ with this strain when I received it as a sub early summer..been waiting for its return..the indoor available last week went quick..placed order for a split 1/2 with sour grapefruit kush..🤞🏼 hr after I placed the order it was’s a “no sub order”..but we’ll see. Been eyeing the premium since to be safe I ordered a 1/4 of that too 🤷🏼 maybe I’ll end up with both versions. Nothing wrong with a little extra ChemDawg sitting around 😎



  • super eyeballing this & the Goo. as soon as i saw the Chemdawg return i instantly thought of you & a couple others who like it so much (myself included). been waiting for its return like this too but have to admit it came at a poor time. lol

  • If this is still up by Monday, I'm gonna grab some.

  • @v32Finish if I had to pick between the both I’d say ChemDawg (no favoritism at all 🤔)..I received Jahgoo from Loud as a replacement during last holiday’s the prettiest purple buds..not even really buds..I’ll have to post a pic. It’s excellent, but ChemDawg is more powerful and it just vibes well with me.

    @ChunksEggo8187 hopefully like the FruitLoops they have a bunch..lots of other good choices so 🤞🏼you get some!

  • I could of sworn I seen this still available on the menu

  • Is the indoor chemdawg they had is the same as the premium chemdawg....bcuz I order the indoor chemdawg 4oz....and then 2 days later they put it as premium?? Anybody catch this?

  • @Batman4rmHouston The two chemdawgs are not the same! Two different growers! So what you ordered is indoor and the new stuff is premium. :smile:

  • Now I’m wondering if I should order an 8th if premium ? I only ordered the indoor Chemdawg

  • I got some coming. Of course, USPS.....

  • @Batman4rmHouston my indoor chemdawg just arrived. Haven't even smoked it yet, and it looks amazing. Dont think you'll be disappointed in it.

  • @FancyGlass_BluntyAsh mines arrived today already its great love it

  • @LoudnCo thx for the feedback! I feel honored for your post 😎. Appreciate the 🔥 budz!! Now I’m really excited to see what I end up with..feeling good that the premium is still on menu and I ordered a couple days ago. I’m also looking forward to that grapefruit kush! Last time around it smelled amazing and burned kind of sativa dominant hybrid.

  • Nice feedback as well @FancyGlass_BluntyAsh & @Batman4rmHouston! Hoping my indoor arrives tomorrow, but says Monday..🤞🏼

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    Here is a pic of the Jahgoo (purple batch) I mentioned earlier..haven’t had this in a while..Still have about an 1/8th.. was nice to revisit 🥴

  • nice!! thanks for the pics @superman38NC - interesting . looks like the AFK! kind of. either way.. definitely want to check it out

  • @superman38NC That batch of Jah Goo (different grower than this one) was one of our all time favs. I almost didn't want to list it and keep it all to myself. :wink:

  • I ordered some too !! If it is anything like the indoor Chemdawg I received today I’m sure it is going to be some pure ⛽️ ⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️

  • wow!! frost much? holy mashed potatoes Batman, that's some iced out flower rt there. i scraped enough for an 8th of Jah Goo . seems exotic & i've never had any Goo strain (Afgooey, Purple Goo, etc etc ) but it really killed me to leave this one behind (the orange diesel too.. but especially the Chemdawg has a great reputation around here as one of the best strains available- i've only received it as a sample and even that tiny bud was fantastic and got me lit for a whole evening . pretty sure that was when indoor was on the menu some months ago. )

    we'll see if it sticks around long enough for me to try and grab some but this is another example of bad timing where a BUNCH of super dope strains release right when you have an "outflux" of funding lets say :joy: :joy: :joy: i'm still gonna try to grab some. shall see

    great pic @Batman4rmHouston

  • Yea it def does look like the afk I got an oz of last month on here. But I’m waiting for a half of premium chemdog and a half of the jah goo and I hit them as soon as I seen them so I was happy. And if that’s the indoor chemdog I can’t wait to see the premium. But if this jah goo is really something special I may just get a qp bc no one will have that around me and it just seems like a more rare strain. Did anyone have that green goddess. How was it. And o yea I def am praying my pack hits tomorow bc I’m worried the zookies gonna go like now. And I don’t place an order while one is still out. I wait and I hope that don’t bite me in the ass

  • The indoor Chemdawg was amazing ! Had a family get together last night and only left with 1g from an eighth. They usually last me longer because I have so many strain options, but that Chemdawg was just to amazing ! Can’t wait for my Premium to come ! Hope is just just as good as this one since the growers are different

  • Yea same here and I really need it tomorrow bc I’m on my last blunt of gushers and I have a l of sled dog and Wonder Woman x Tropicana punch and that’s good till tomorrow by the time mail hits. I’m just a lil nervous bc my mail works on id but see no packages or labels idk where that even is but not on desktop and I just signed up for id 2 days ago. So idk. Gonna take some kpins smoke this gushers and I may be out for night

  • 😁 @LoudnCo i wouldn’t have blamed you! I’ve honestly never seen any flower like that batch of Jahgoo..100% purple with orange pistols..very soft like lambs ear. Major props to that grower! And you guys for not keeping it 😎

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    Thx @Batman4rmHouston for posting that fire pic! The indoor should arrive tomorrow and premium Wed..can’t wait!!

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    Received my split of indoor ChemDawg and Sour Pink Grapefruit! Appearance, aroma, and effects amazing on both. I will say I’m glad I have some premium ChemDawg arriving tomorrow knowing it’s a diff grower. This indoor makes my second batch so far. The first batch had similar appearance, but aroma and effects are definitely different. This indoor ChemDawg is more Stoney and dude where’s my car..1st batch was less potent, but clear-headed happiness, more sativa dominant.

  • I love subtle differences like that .. different phenotype maybe, or possibly how early/late they harvested it..glad you got em in! And you have another coming! (I am only waiting on the Jah Goo )

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    Received the premium ChemDawg today..definitely a different grower..received two fat buds! 😱 super frosty as expected and aroma on point..very similar to the indoor..the effects are slightly different too..indoor= mule kick/indica dominant, premium is more like a 50/50 hybrid..both very powerful. Aroma for both like sour pine..flavor brings out some spicy notes happy with both versions. Pics below



  • love it when the trichomes are so big & plentiful that you can barely see the actual green of the bud. :sunglasses: very very cool. saddened to miss these. but i will continue to live vicariously thru you guys (and gals ofc). ;p LOL

  • Is the flowers fresh and stickey .

  • Lol @v32Finish there are so many 🔥 strains that come and go on this site..these forums definitely help us live vicariously-well said!

    @Tac neither the chems are super sticky, but they are cured perfectly and have more of that embedded dry kief appearance..Some strains seem to roll like that..Sour Pink Grapefruit and Black Cherry Soda the same way..if your looking for super sticky then go the Zookies route..all excellent strains!

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