Blue dream gelato?

Anyone have any thoughts? I know it's been on the menu a very long time and now its discounted.


  • I don't think anyone has taken one for the team on this. If they did, I haven't seen any reviews.

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    Here are pics from the batch they sent me. Its definitely a "get what you pay for".

  • @kkno thanks for the pics! How's the high?

  • It's gone now!

  • @ChunksEggo8187 1-2/10 on high and taste

  • Well glad i went with mamma greenhouse then. Thought about it but dont trust Jane with flower. 1 or 2 of 10. Looks like i wont be getting product from Jane. All the flower has been thrash according to reviews

  • @kkno Ouch! I'm sorry it sucks.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 i just LOL at "take one for the team" . that's exactly what that was.

  • 🤣 @v32Finish I'm glad someone did, people gotta call out the BS.

  • I personally would not buy there flower strains after the mishap with the OJH with them. I did purchase an 8th if the moonrock for $100. Glad I did because every time they sell out they go up on the price. $115 for an 8th if moonrock is pretty extreme just my opinion

  • @ChunksEggo8187 totally agree. lol

    @suchacutie89 i didn't realize theyve increased it. hope the quality is bangin.. i can ALMOST see 100 if it's really good. that's still high IMO but with delivery and convenience i can see it. kind of. but that was already a stretch. probably won't pick any up at that price. they should offer half 8ths for ppl like me who aren't gonna commit that much without trying it.. but at the same time it doesnt seem lk they are having any trouble moving it :joy:

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    Yeah, I bought the whole 4oz since I planned on making edibles out of it anyways, but an entire gram did less than the .2g of headband og I had left. I didn't think about reading any of the reviews on the new vendor so my bad really :)

  • Yikes 115 an 8. Moonrocks are not my wheelhouse but the guy a block away always has them for 20 a g and almost mm quality smoke for 10. Still almost always get everything from Mm. Beats having to walk and buy and get back and watch for the popo will it be 2g for 20 or will it weight 1.5 if its really good he does. Etc etc insert aggravation about street dealers. I mean hes an old guy but still. Sketchy apt complex you know first world problems.

  • Yes, we agree that it's expensive! But the Moonrocks sold out so quickly at $100/8th that the shipper asked to increase the price and we approved it. Jane's flowers have not been well received so now that she has a product that people want, we thought it would help her out to let her raise the price.

    Supply and demand, basically. :neutral:

  • Makes sense to me. :) I have those on my "have to try one day" list.

  • Moon rocks at 110 for a 1/4 is a fair price- what's the issue!?

  • Supply and demand.

  • I received my Blue Dream Gelato yesterday and I totally agree with @kkno. Is a 1-2 out of 10. But I can’t complain it got to me fast and it was worth to try something from Medicine Jane plus it was discounted.probably good for cooking or infuse with something.

  • From what me and another friend have smoked of it, we think it might have been CBD that wasn't listed correctly, but I don't have enough experience with CBD strains. I did notice there weren't any crystals too though.

  • @kkno yeah that’s exactly what I though but am not sure either. It might be 1:1 or something like that. Not complaining at least is something. Lol!

  • props to the people in this thread for being positive. dig the vibes .

  • @KKno Not tryna come off rude but damn! that Blue dream gelato looked awful bro lmao whoever did the cure on that batch messed up for sure man! Was waay to Brown💩lol im a connoisseur and a Cannabis Grower all i had do is look at the Bud and i can tell You if its gonna Smoke good! ok So --->on a good cure the bud would had been bright green hell with any good cure them terpens would had been smacking you in the Face soon as you Open the Bag and the Taste would Be dankalicious but like what you said what you pay for is what you get lol

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    its a hit or miss sometimes guys just gotta roll with it i guess sometimes you just get what you get.

  • Not just that i dont think it was indoor or a prem strain was it? that should explain why it didnt look so great in the First Place lol

  • I remember back in the day buying bags of seeds bags and stems. And being happy about it. Anything we see here would have been called lambs breath, cal sensi, or Christmas tree. We’ve come a long way. As long as my state stays illegal, I’ll be here.

  • Bags and stems? You knew what I meant.

  • @7r3vor Yeah I didn't figured it wouldn't be too bad, and I usually only buy larger amounts so I've got quite a bit of flower that's not worth smoking.

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