Refillable cartridges?

I remember something about Med mama selling a refillable cartridge? Not the syringe, but the actual empty glass cartridge. Maybe it was just a battery, but I think it would be great if empty refillable cartridges were available. I can't get any where I'm at.


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  • @DudleyDiccle can you order them from a different web site? There’s plenty of places to get them from. I’m thinking fallguy is naming a place where you can buy them. I buy them from pckt vapor, on line.

  • I buy them there. Last time I bought ceramic ones for 1.20 each.

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    @Fallguy i bought some of those at your suggestion. I love them! Thank you!

  • awesome. that's funny. I use the PCKT carts too. i need to order more!!!! thank you!!!! thank you for this thread and for reminding me bc i'm gonna do it right now or i'm gonna forget again . haha

  • I like the kind pen cartridges. If there's ever a problem they replace it.

  • @v32Finish pckt is giving a free cart out with your purchase right now too. I just ordered some more myself and saw the freebie.

  • nice! thanks @Rubygirl816 ! will definitely have to check it out

  • is where i get mine very thick glass probably unbreakable at least compared to generic carts.

  • @Rubygirl816 im looking at trying a refillable cart to save some money since it sounds so easy to do. Any particular kind you’d recommend over another?

  • @Reshi Love the sprk cartridges. They are giving away a free cartridge too.

  • Can you do wax with the PCKT? @Rubygirl816

  • @Jbest6699 i don’t think so. But maybe somebody else knows better. I bought an atomizer with a five ten thread to just attach to my battery, for wax.

  • Never buy cartridges with bitcoin the fees will buy ya 2 carts. PCKT work great and are cheap.

  • No wax in pckt carts. I use phantom for wax and oils. Good luck.

  • Will add here another recommendation for the PCKT 'sprk' cartridges. they are cheap and high quality, come in 510 or magnetic, and work great. you can click on my profile or previous posts and look at my review on the Super Silver Haze refill from Medmama and it has pics and pretty clear description how to do it (it's very easy: heat & squirt. lol but i still go in detail exactly what i did )

    @Jbest6699 for wax or other concentrates i'm using the Puffco Plus (v2 i think not sure) and it's absolutely fantastic. bad ass little wax pen. I just got my warranty chamber in the mail & can start using it again!!! stoked. absolutely love it. check that out for wax too if you are in the market :sunglasses:

  • @v32Finish thanks for the recommendation, going to follow through on it and give it a whirl!

  • no problem! enjoy!

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