Premium Wedding Cake (9/6/20)

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This batch of Premium Wedding Cake comes from LoudnCo. We ordered early Sunday afternoon on 9/6 and received our package around 2:30pm ET on 9/11. Impressive in these times, to say the least, especially with Monday's holiday! The package was completely anonymous as usual, with the requisite mylar, vacuum seal, and ziploc. This ounce came with a freebie joint of MAC! (I always forget to request a freebie, but both shippers never fail to deliver!) The Wedding Cake looks and smells amazing! I had a little time between obligations to get it put away in its jar. Some the buds are smaller, but most are medium sized, with one dense whopper that weighed in at 3.8g (I just had to put it on a scale). The aroma is hard to describe, but if you're a fan of GSC genetics...and you combine that with Cherry Pie, you get the idea. I obviously couldn't wait until later to try it, and I'm glad I didn't. The high is not exactly what I was expecting. My past experiences with WC were much more sedating which made it useful as a nighttime strain. That is not our current experience. While definitely very relaxing, it's not couchlocking, but it is absolutely intoxicating! Wedding Cake will make an excellent evening medicine, and is indeed much more intense (and fun) than the medicinal Layer Cake that we've been using that tested at 27%. Definitely some premium medicine and a great treat for anyone who really enjoys GSC genetics! Thanks Medicineman!


  • I'm really tempted to get some while it's still there. fantastic review @TheProfessor . i have about an 8th left of a previous batch of premium Wedding Cake from Loud .. & it was the best wedding cake i've ever had. they all seem to taste (and smell) similar, but i have also had mixed effects with some. such a great tasting, relaxing strain. but i also know it's a batch & pheno game, so even with a same strain, you don't know exactly what it's going to be unless you're dealing with clones.

    yeah. thanks for the review! made me just actually get up and go grab my jar of WC and look at it/smell it.. there's less than i thought!!! :open_mouth: probably 2g or so. made me really stop & think, this review did! :joy:

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    Ditto to what @v32Finish said..nice review!..I love some Wedding Cake..ordered seeds from Seedsman..I’m excited to get those..the current batch of premium does look awesome..I ordered the indoor WC a month or so’s more of a creeper and not as strong..but still amazing effects.

  • Great description! I just got mine yesterday as well and your review is spot on.

  • @superman38NC let me know how those wedding cake beans turn out! i would love to grow WC! i have a GSC auto from Dinafem just sprouted a couple days ago :joy: i have never ordered from seedsman and looking to branch out, i have only ordered seeds like twice and it was from Sensible both times . still eyeing the wedding cake from loud :lol:

  • This wedding cake is amazing. I also ordered fruit loops and was sceptical but they lived up to the hype. Thanks MM

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