Greenhouse Purple Punch

edited September 2019 in Product Reviews

Description: "The bag opens with a sweet smell like grape candy or blueberry muffins with light OG, gassy overtones. The nugs firm and crystal covered with only the slightest purple tones visible over the crystals and burgundy hairs."

I got a 1/4 oz of the flower in the other day. After opening the packaging, the first thing I noticed was a very fragrant, sweet smell, like a candy. The buds looked impressive. Medium green nugs with cute little red hairs all over it and a noticeable crystal like coating.

I pinched off a small part of a nug, put it in the pipe, and fired it up. The cure is just right and no grinder was needed to enjoy this the old school way.

The buzz was nice. This is an indica leaning strain and that is loud and clear with PP. I don't think this strain is as powerful as was the Mendo Breath I got earlier, but that doesn't mean it is any less effective. The couch effect is less with PP and has allowed me to get things done while smoking it. I managed to do a lot of catching up on some paperwork while enjoying my nug, and even though I felt very relaxed, I didn't have to work at staying awake.

I like Purple Punch. It is good for an after work reward, or on a weekend fishing trip, or even a midnight snack.


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