Premium Dolato | Strain Review & pics[kind of]

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Small to medium sized nugs. different shades of light, light green .. coated in a thick, aesthetically pleasing layer of frost. big trichomes. I was apprehensive when this was on its way to me, because the last batch of Dolato was literally one of my top 2 favorite buds i've ever got here.. not the most potent, pound for pound, but it had a really strong focus & mental clarity.. a perfect balance. How would the new batch measure up? Would it be different?

Yes.. and no. It is different, but also very close. I would say this batch lost a little bit of the clarity but i do think it's even stronger. The high comes on fast; it's expansive, both in the lungs (expansive but not a touch harsh) and the onset of the high. i feel it behind my eyes instantly, but not any pressure or unpleasantly. it settles in as a perfect hybrid for me; i am energized and uplifted, a touch euphoric and just happy .. but also rather relaxing and sedating if you keep going. versatile.

the nugs are absolutely beautiful, and upon cracking the jar, i'm getting notes of toasted bread, orange marmalade/ soft citrus, caramel/candy/sweetness- (but not cloying or dominant, subtle), a touch of sandalwood/floral notes-- with a shot of pungent sour/skunk/fruit/fuel at the very center. (i am usually not good at naming flavors and smells, but this bud smells so good that i found myself smelling it every time i broke it up & made notes. lol)

Def. picking up the ‘baked goods’ smell after hitting the bowl that some talk about.
I DO get the Gelato influence, but only very slightly on the back end. not so much the DoSiDo. i can barely spot the GSC genetics but it is distinctly its own bud, rather than the sum of its parent strains. absolutely excellent. retains its crown. the only thing that has come close was the Sunset Sherbet from Loud from around the same time.. need that to come back around again, now, to see who reigns supreme.

A couple pics -- woops. pics will have to come later tonight i guess. i will try again before bed but imgur is refusing to upload .. just hangs up and doesn't go thru. have read reports of others experiencing this but never happened to me. that sucks. just trust that it's beautiful. here, i will post one shot from the previous batch-- looks very, very similar but just for full disclosure .. not a pic of the current premium Dolato, but the last one a few months ago.

Everything else aside. It's just a bomb ass strain. Strong, super pleasing terpenes that aren't overbearing, 10.0/10.0 the cure is also outstanding on this bud. like meat falling off the bone. reminds me of how the AFK was cured. but yeah. extraordinary & highly recommended. i'm honestly hoping they got a fuck ton and it stays around for a long time so i can circle back at it. (special thanks to @ChunksEggo8187 for motivating me to do this post .. and so ironic, the pics aren't even working, which was the whole point!! lol will post tomorrow w/ pics of the grapefruit too :joy: )

everyone have a great evening


  • Thanks for the review! That is what I like to see on this forum.

  • @v32Finish I really like the dolato too. It definitely comes on strong then eases into a uplifting focused high. Nice pic by the way

  • @Stoney02 perfect description. love it.

  • @v32Finish You wouldn’t happen to have a spare bedroom I can move into to get some of those good shipping times would you? LOL!

  • Wow that’s very frosty! ⛄️

  • That's what I'm talking about @v32Finish! What an outstanding review! Much appreciated! Man, I'm hoping the Dolato stays up for a little bit longer but like you said, I'm waiting for some Sunset Sherbert to pop up one day.

  • Great pic thank you

  • Great picture and great review! Nice frosty bud, wow

  • thanks everyone for the comments! will try again today in a bit & see if imgur cooperates, to get some current pics up there, but it looks almost the same as last time so it's no biggie. just got home & can't decide whether to grab the Dolato or the grapefruit or the AFK.

    anybody else ever kinda narrow it down to about 2-3 jars and then you can't decide so you just grab all 3 and bring em with you? :sunglasses: that kinda vibe

  • @Theboyua DAMN man, sending some shipping love your direction homie. as of late, you have def. been the black sheep of the page, shipping wise. hope you get some relief man. crossing my fingers for you that it was just a hiccup and things start flying thru. i know if it was me, i would be placing small orders just to test it .. lol

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    @v32Finish appreciate the kind words my friend. Yeah man I guess I am the black sheep of the fam. I’m gonna quit talking about it I promise. I know everybody’s tired of hearing it. But if I say another word about it to my wife I might have to move out. So I have to come to you guys. LOL. And I’m not complaining about these guys (MM), I know they’re doing their job when that labels printed they pack up the box and they ship it out. After that it’s out of their hands. It’s just a matter of when USPS picks up that box and decide to do something with them. I know who’s fault it is and it’s not our current shippers . It’s Usps. So I’m not on here bitching at our vendors.
    `I actually did order a small one this past Friday from Medmama instead of Loud, just to change my luck, and it’s actually going to be here either tomorrow or Saturday. So that’s good news. At least I’ll be high! And I never let myself run completely out. I’m not a rookie. It just makes you a little nervous when you got about $1500 worth of product unaccounted for if you know what I mean. But it’ll all sort its self out. Hopefully soon!

  • Yeah, totally - I would be a basket case if i had that out there floatin' around in the Aether. lol it's easy to say things like be patient and it'll get there, etc .. when it's not you!! but yeah no worries at all man you can use us to vent . anyone who has a problem with it, has not read your actual words carefully enough (or they just dont care, etc) .

    at least you've got something coming. I have a small one coming either tomorrow or Saturday, myself!! i'm excited, even though I don't 'need' anything per se, it's still nice to have a little treat comin in for the weekend :lol:

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