do not place two orders close will only get one and lose $$

i did....seller sent one pkg....i posted here on the forum the entire story and updates...i sent in contact form, now my emails bounce i was told...then i was told the moonrocks were combined...but i stated here when i got them that there was only 2 little moonrocks in pkg, and that it weighed out at 3.5 grms..but now, 20 days later, they say they sent them together...medjane sent the pre-rolls together....not the guess who they believe? guess who get to eat $100+? PAY ATTENTION out your orders just to be safe...even tho i have all the info and confirmations of separate payments, medical jane says they combined the that's it..frustrating is not the word i feel right now tho..i don't like to be seen as a liar...and that's how they see it...5 yrs of a good relationship evaporated like that..


  • Well medjane did scam at the begining if you ask me by sending out reggie basically. Have not ordered from them. Will not. They have ZERO trust from me. Would not order no matter what they say they have. Dont know why medman let them back on. Thrash flower overpriced hemp. Even seen reviews that say tje shatters bad. Prolly cbd. No one should order from her and maybe she would go away.
    Thats my. 02. Others opinions may vary
    I believe you. With the history its medjane lying. Btw moonrocks are 20 a g on the street. Would never pay 115 for 3.. Thats almost 40 a g. Ripoff.

  • @SpongePail ....was last order from medjane for me too..i live in va tho, so no weed is legal yet, can't get anything good on the street here..first time i had issue with medman like word is no good against their own seller..and that makes me feel yucky....cuz i hate la vie..

  • I hate this has happened. @jenbar420 I've been trying to give new shippers chances..just haven't. Reviews have not done enough justice for me
    @SpongePail moonrocks are pricey here. Rather make my own if desired.

  • @MizterNiceGuy ...i had only ordered prerolls from medjane one day prior to ordering the moon rocks x2....i should have waited to get those first before making another mistake...but i learned enuff not to order from them again...loudnco are awesome tho..

  • try hitting the contact form again. i'm sure that's what @medboy and @medman would want. they've had issues with their email but they are pretty dedicated to taking care of their base. tbh i'm pretty tired of hearing about people getting totally fucked over by this shipper. idk. sorry this happened : /

  • I dont order from Medical Jane because they scammed me the first time so i know they will do it again. Imagine if they are selling fake RSO which wouldnt suprise me

  • This is why I stick to med mama and loud^

  • I feel that is just for medical Jane. I personally don’t trust them as shippers, and their prices are ridiculous when it comes to their products. I’ve brought their Moonrock just one because it is way to high priced. I would be pissed because honestly they know what they did and likely know their word is going to have more pull. I personally am not liking the reviews I see about MJ. I doubt I will purchase from them again just over their just not starting off on a good note. I was one who was sent some lawnmower weed from them. I wouldn’t even call that Reggie more like mulch 🤦🏾‍♀️ Luckily because of so many people having the issue Medboy replaces everyone’s order. The moon rock is iight but $115 come on like we all love this site but I truly feel that MR price is trying to take advantage of customers. I did see @medman say in a previous post for you to email him directly from the new email your referring to in your other post so he could help you resolve this. I know that it is a process waiting for response but just reach out again and give it a chance. On some real ish they really try to ensure a smooth process when it comes to this from my experience, and yes I have ran into some issues that were resolved, they really try to help. Hope everything turns out well for u . Again just know with other shippers u can DEFINITELY order more than one thing at a time and get correct orders. I personally also write NO SUBS on every single order I place. Good luck buddy hope things turn around positive for u

  • everyone...i was never bashing mm...i was frustrated with the situation only...only on the forum did i see my emails were bouncing...and i'm not rich, so every dollar means finally reached always mm took care of the situation...i was not the only one...and this forum did help...thanks to everyone who supported the situation...

  • Lots of griping about MJ's prices..I told them it was too high but they said try it and sure enough plenty of orders for it snd overall positive reviews so I guess the market has spoken. Regarding their quality, although they got off on the wrong foot with that bad weed we've had very few complaints about them...they're good folk too.

  • @medman I wish I had gotten their THC capsules before the price went up!

  • I placed 2 orders actually 3 days apart 2 from MJ and 1 loud
    I rec’d both orders from MJ Moonrock and blunts for the 2nd time a day apart and loud will be in shortly.
    I don’t really smoke blunts but for some reason I really like these they are smooth
    I’m happy and medicated
    Keep up good work

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