• @Rubygirl816 i ordered mamas Mac too lol couldn’t pass it up 😀 I have to compare and it’s at my P.O. Box have to go get it in aM didn’t want to drive out 30 mins today hour in total to P.O. Box

  • Ugh that’s a hike to get your mail @suchacutie89! I look forward to what you think of mamas Mac as compared to loud. Mine will be here today some time.

  • Y’all ! I went to my PO Box and got me MAC from mama this morning and THIS IS STRAIGHT GAS!!! ⛽️ ⛽️⛽️🔥🔥🔥 I was truly expecting this quality from Loud, but mama has really surprised me ! When I opened the bag the only thing my mouth could say was “damn”. Aroma is great buds are super light green with Orange hairs ! Great trim ! Just a great batch overall ! I had to put my L out because I’m high enough . Trust me mamas MAC will not disappoint!! Wish I brought a quarter from them and eighth from loud but hey I’m happy now with mamas loud !

  • @suchacutie89 woohoo sooooooo excited, waiting on my mailman now.

  • @suchacutie89 can you speak to the flavor /smell on this? Is it the same as the premium from loud 1-2 batchez ago? (Hashy and orange zest and diesel gas-- that's the only MAC I have gotten was the one from loud like 2 months ago that was FIRE)

    Anyway just curious about the terp profile on this batch.. really want to grab some

  • I just got a sample with my blue zittles I'll let you know how it is @v32Finish in a cpl hours when I get to work lol

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    I thought I added a post on here yesterday to speak on Mamas MAC..guess it helps to hit post 🤪. I received an 1/8th too this past’s probably my fav MAC off the site of late..pic is spot on. Almost too pretty to smoke! Will say this was the whitest ash I’ve seen in a long time. Any-who it’s 🔥..not as zesty as Loud’s MAC (which I like too)..more sweet maybe?..very tasty regardless

  • I really wish you could have gotten some jahgoo the highs are night and day. I love MAC but the next time I see the goo anywhere I'm grabbing a quarter lb. It's very reminiscent of late 60's and early 70's tia weed. I really like MAC to wake and bake. It's great to grab a cup of coffee a nice fat joint and enjoy a movie with the wife on a Saturday morning and ride the high all the way into college game day. "I NEED A MIRACLE EVERY DAY". Chill'n & dwelling on the mnt with cookies. DWLER

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