Blueberry Zkittles

Anyone tasted this strain of the greenhouse Blueberry Zkittles yet?


  • Ordered some and asked to split with peach mimosa but not in hand yet, getting pretty excited to see what it's about

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    I should know Monday. I've got quite a bit coming. Review soon

  • I have some on the way. Looking forward to it

  • Mine should be here Monday some Zmints arriving today!

  • Mine states Monday as well but fingers crossed since usps is having issues.

  • Ordered wed afternoon from loud and thur night from loud and mama and all 3 in pre ship

  • This and peach mimosa- just the dad special it seems

  • @MikeyC did you recieve any yet?

  • hmm.. who will get it first.. :lol:

  • Nothing yet- will update when label appears

  • waiting on a label myself .. placed order fri AM early early and was hoping to see a label before Monday but its all good

  • My blueberry Zskittles is here in NC already. I ordered Thursday morning. It’s supposed to come Tuesday but have a feeling will be here tomorrow. So fast @medmama, your the bomb!

  • Label created comrades

  • I actually ordered it Friday, not Thursday, and it’s our for delivery today! πŸ’ƒπŸ»

  • Arrived. Boveda and check back Thursday. Peach πŸ‘ Mimosa came too!

  • Peace Mimosa is Gorgeous. Cant wait to try

  • I havent tried yet but damn it smells loud.

  • Smells like dank Blueberry flowers. Smells so good!

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    πŸ™ŒπŸ» Mine should be hitting the box very soon..Thx @ChunksEggo8187!

  • No doubt! Can't wait to try it later on this evening. I'm on my lunch break!

  • Got my miracle whip today that label was created same day as couple others but earlier in day but others are still all pre ship still for some reason

  • Great looking bud πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Thanks for the pic! @ChunksEggo8187 It does look amazing. I'm also waiting until later tonight to sample this one .

  • Got my miracle whip but saving for tonight. However those gmo cookies 9/10 Feel like I could use a nug as bullion for a soup. And the sb tangie 7.5/10. So far a good one bc this miracle whip could be the 10. Well see

  • Forgot to do a review on the Blueberry Zkittles. For me, this is some amazing smoke. Hits all the right buttons. Wonderful aroma, strong and steady high. Just makes you feel great! And too much will definitely knock you out, which can be a good thing for the evenings. I can see why this was recommended by @medmama. Thank you! My only regret is that I didn't get more.

  • OΓ²oo can't wait to check out the blueberry and peach, berry jealous of yall that have got to fire either those up

  • @ChunksEggo8187 definitely agree with you on your description of the bz , good flavor, gorgeous buds that filled out after a night with boveda, and definitely throws a knock out punch if consumed a second bowl or more

  • @Vapedad78 Nice! Really hoping medmama puts up another Blueberry strain. Or Blueberry by itself. As you can tell, I love the strain & effects.

  • Yeah it's definitely nice, I'm having a hard time deciding between 4 strains just got thur, the miracle whip still got decent amount of and got head band on the way, it's a problem I'm very happy to currently have tho lol

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