Frankenstein full of hair!?!?

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Been ordering for years. This is a new one..

Just got a zip of frankenstein. Looks and smells great but what is going on with all this hair?!?! This was just what i could get into a pile, there was more. Some were quite thick and long and seemed to be human or animal With a root showing

I contacted them about this.


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    Still finding more. Some definitely have distinct “roots” from either human or animal. Microscope confirms this. 🤮 definitely grossing me out.

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    I most definitely see it in mine..animal hair?

  • Its gotta be animal. This wasn’t actually the first time I’ve found hair but in the past it was like 1 hair so i just let it go.

    I’m just glad i have good eyesight. Smoking one of those would have been... Oof I cant even think about it. 🤢

    If I’m being honest I’m not upset, maybe that’s the frankenstein talking 🤩❤️.

    I’m just grossed out and will be extra diligent before i smoke it 🧐

  • Well Frankenstein's monster was made up of parts. Maybe you got a hairy bit 😂

  • Frankenstein 🤣

  • I've spotted hair before from Loud. Growers must have a white dog or cat? Not such a big deal..

  • Organic but not vegan?

  • You got the bride of frankenstein!

  • They’ve responded. They’re On it.

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    Wasn’t going to say anything but yeah. I got 2 zips and one very long black human hair in my batch, as well as the smaller white ones. Funny the smaller ones didn’t phase me since I have 3 dogs here but have to admit the long black hair skieved me. On an aside this stuff is pretty good all around. Just got to get the tweezers out I guess 🤷‍♂️

    @Joha FWIW those hairs you posted look like my scraggly grey beard hairs. Well not mine of course.

  • @funkynugz I was thinking it looked like my silver back beard hairs 🤣 gf makes fun telling me they're white but I tell her they're silver

  • I had 4oz of Frankenstein everything prefect good bud, wish I had saved some for me

  • @MikeyC 😂😂😂😂

  • @funkynugz which dispensary?

  • Got mine yesterday, no hair just pure bliss! It came in a ziplock bag with the movie frozen on it. Lol. The medicine is wonderful and dank! Piney smell not stemmy. Def makes you feel like Frankenstein. Free fruit loop joint. Had to wait longer for package. 7 days vice 5 days but I’m happy. Someone mentioned how it was the worst waiting for product. I totally agree. But it’s like XMas when it comes in. Medicineman can’t do ya wrong!

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