MedMama Delivers...New Strains Up!

Some nice new drops on a Saturday night! Discount Gelato #41, Alien Bubba, some "smokey" Jet Fuel Gelato, Headband (and smalls), Jungle Cake, and some Royal Kush. Asketh and ye shall receivith. I've been waiting for some heavy indicas so I jumped on a z of the Royal Kush that was calling my name. Happy ordering!


  • Very nice! I am in on the Royal Kush and some Outdoor Headband.

  • Ask for kush and she listens!! I'm so jumpin on some alien bubba, and royal kush

  • They should sell a kush kush. Og kush bred with OG kush

  • loving all the kush varieties

  • Anyone get labeled created in AL , just curious tryna figure out what's what not that it matters really lol

  • Good to know

  • We have a label created for Saturday night's order and ordered another oz. this afternoon...the Greenhouse Skywalker OG that popped up today. I don't remember which shipper had the last batch of Skywalker OG, but that stuff knocked me out! Some of the best nighttime I've ever had.

  • @TheProfessor I almost went with zip of Skywalker but wanted to see the headband smalls and try the kief since making an order that night need it

  • @Vapedad78 if I'd gone with the Headband, I'd definitely purchased the smalls! Great medicine in small packages! I've never purchased the kief, I really don't think you'll "need" it, but enjoy nonetheless!. I used to purchase a lot of MedMama's bubble hash. She used to carry a good variety of strains: indica, sativa and hybrids. Definitely not the hash I remember from by youth but they were great bowl toppers. I'd love to see her bring hash of any form back to the menu.

  • The smalls didn’t last long

  • Definitely got me feeling better bout this order @TheProfessor cause I was questioning the hell out myself while hitting submit 🤣

  • edited October 2020


    I've had greenhouse grown that was better than premium before.
    Since July, this is the 1st time I've seen outdoor, so I can't speak for that, but the veterans here always speak truth
    No worries, homie😂

  • @MigraineWarrior79 appreciation for this forum and yall goes beyond words, maaaan if the other social media formats were this quality itd be awesome lol thank y'all for helping me not go insane wondering if I did ok lol

  • @Vapedad78
    You're welcome!
    I'm of firm belief that the people here all pretty much operate the way the cannabis community should, which is help out your fellow man, and share the love!

  • Now I'm getting kinda giddy tryna figure out what I'm gonna do with the kief 🤔 do I wanna mess with tryna make some rosin or just throw on a bowl or make some moon rocks 🤣

  • If it was me I would definitely go the moon rock route

  • Yeah was pondering best or most cost effective way to go about it, I'll have everything but the glue so wondering if could use a local cart to paint on?

  • I myself have never done it (always bought them pre made)but b I bet YouTube would offer some tutorials and options about the process

  • @Highguy true off to research I guess, I forget reddit has all kinds of info too

  • Put it on a bowl and smoke it

  • @Vapedad78
    Being you have smalls coming from medmama, that's kinda perfect for making moonrocks.
    I've made some before using a vape refill from another source, and keif from my grinder.

    So, I don't see why using a cart, and the keif you have coming with your smalls wouldn't work out.

    This probably goes without saying, but you'll want to make sure you have some gloves, and wax paper.
    That helped me out greatly!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 awesome all you folks rock, man really didn't think about that when submitted but damn might end up working out halfway decent, gotta coax myself into holding off on them new refills till current floaters land at destination now lol

  • Awesomeness! I just ordered some Royal Kush! And some premium MAC from them!! Can’t hardly wait to try them!

  • @Vapedad78
    Man, I feel ya on that! I'm holding off on ordering more just to keep extra moola for this hurricane until it passes.
    Just never know what it may be needed for.
    🖕 hurricane season

  • @MigraineWarrior79 yeah buddy mine went in with me then his fridge played out soo shitty for him but we'll pull through, I'd really wanted you try the runtz terp sauce but it was gone so made my choice to grab kief lil easier even tho still wanna try some sauce for sure and those refills cause I do like a vape every now and then instead of my Regen wax pen

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