Greenhouse Z-Mints

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Doesnt matter


  • Im frustrated if you cant tell

  • Got some branches and lumber in there looks like, how's it smoke? I almost grabbed some cause of the psychedelic effects in description

  • @Vapedad78 Yeah i mean the smoke isnt great neither is the smell. The head high is there followed by a terrible headache

  • @Vapedad78 I was a little shocked to see it tbh i thought it would be better by a lot

  • Damn sorry to hear that @BMan thought bout that one, pleased so far with the miracle whip and man that arrived yesterday but really wondering if any the other stuff is headed this way or sitting on dock cause all still pre ship even though label created under 24hr from one just got, should try and combine orders but time and funds played a part how I had to order. Really wanting ta pull trigger on something else but hate to do it with the other stuff still floating round

  • @BMan
    That's terrible!
    Reminds me of the pink champagne I got back in July that gave me a horrible headache.

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    I switched from premiums to indoor a couple of months ago (money has gotten tight) and since have gotten a couple of questionable zips. The last being a zip that smelled like hay when you opened the bag. Not good at all. Currently sitting with a Boveda, hoping that helps. But for the most part I am usually pleased. And I don’t complain to MM because I know they all can’t be homeruns. Especially when you’re buying greenhouse or indoor, that’s why it’s cheaper, I know that and that’s part of the deal and the chance I take for paying the lower price. But I am seriously considering going back to the premiums because it’s nice to know that it’s going to be a knockout no matter what you order. Loudnco premium never disappoints IMO.

    Regardless, there’s some big stems in that bag fo sure.

  • @bman I got an 1/8th. I like the aroma..definitely getting some mint/choc hints..but it is harsh to smoke or vape..I chewed a stem (my way of knowing if it’s properly flushed/cured) and to me it’s lacking in one of those areas..if I had ordered more I would probably contact MB..98% of what I’ve received off here has had no issues in those regards..still understand why your frustrated. I’m sure if you contact them they might fix it. Worth a shot I guess.

  • The PPP wasn't much better. Just cost more

  • I got it as a substitute for pink champagne, definitely better than that. Has a minty note from the pull. Was stemmy. Smells great, not too skunky. Definitely a head high. Great for work!

  • When I hear " Its a subtle effect" "You just need to smoke more" I translate that to bogus product. In all my years testing the whole spectrum fron indica to sative, When its good theres nothing " subtle about it. I also use cbd flower and would say thats more potent then any " subtle" strain I've tried. ( I do admit to being wrong quite often)

  • There is no info about Z-Mint anywhere either so im not shocked that its really bad. It just looked really good in the pictures. Im going to beg for a re-ship or something because i feel scammed. Its not Greenhouse quality it actually gives me a headache when i smoke it. Sucks because i have to smoke or i cant eat lol

  • Lol what did they give you hahahaha guess it be like that sometimes but not tryna come off rude but that look like straight hemp unless it just has a very bad cure job lmfao i think i should know im a grower been growing for very long time

  • I actually have a friend that grows in a greenhouse only and all his tree is super fire loud loud loud dank bright green fire ass bud cured and done the right way whos ever grew that zmints doesnt know how to grow cannabis you guys need fire that guy like wtf lol

  • @BMan look up thin mints strain. It was the same description on leafly that’s what zmints is. Cryptic I guess in name zmints vice thin mints.

  • @7r3vor Im happy you agree lol i cant believe how bad it looks too. I agree they fucked up that batch really bad

  • Im really un happy with this batch and its definitely not the quality you guys usually have on here. I have contacted you guys about it @medboy @medicineman

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