Not usually gambling type but...

Took a risk that hoping pays off by jumping on the headband smalls and med mama kief for topper/booster just in case


  • might just surprise ya.. sounds actually pretty bad ass

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    @Vapedad78 I definitely a value kind of guy. I've purchased quite a bit of "discount" and "smalls" here and have never been disappointed. Pretty buds are just that. Sounds like a winning plan. I think you'll like the Headband.

  • @TheProfessor and @v32Finish thanks guys appreciate the vote of confidence, mulled for a bit over whether that was the right move or not lol

  • I went with the Headband Smalls. Smalls are always a great deal, and I had a few giant nugs in some smalls. Alot of people jumped on it, might get subbed....

  • Interesting that probably wouldn't be the worst thing to happen either

  • I never tried the kief from here. I get high enough from the weed, let alone adding something stronger.

  • You're right, so far everything I've tried has definitely done the job, more or less making an excuse to try it lol

  • I'd be bummed if was was subbed bigs for smalls. I don't want to pay for a full gram stem. But at least no seeds in mah bud.

  • If it does get subbed, maybe the bigger buds are better this time :D

  • Well last time i got subbed i got a premium instead of greenhouse lemon pound cake free surprise upgrade.

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