Dementia Sucks

Somedays you know who you are and some days you are not so sure. Sometimes you laugh at things that aren't funny and then cry for no reason at all. Today may be all good, blue sky, clear sailing then tommorrow the fog.The foggy days are rough and over time they slowly start to equal the sunny days. You rage on or you don't and you look for any truth you can be certain of and hope that the time outside the rabbit hole lasts. But you know it won't and you wonder how long


  • @whatever1956 damn that's my dad's birth year, he's been down in health lately but sorry to hear bout the dementia that's gotta be rough situation for everyone involved, dad just had a stroke earlier this year and lil confused at times, you'll be in my thoughts

  • @whatever1956
    Having worked with alzheimer's and dementia patients, this hits home.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • My mom has dementia. It’s awful to watch. Almost overnight, she couldn’t hold a conversation anymore. Now they just diagnosed her with colon cancer. We just put her on hospice care. This while I’m fighting my own. Thanks MM, I would have lost my sanity a while ago, if not for you guys!

  • @Rubygirl816
    I'm so sorry to learn this about your Mom.
    My prayers are with you, and your family for your own battle, and her's.
    Much love to you!!

  • My grandpa has dementia and he seems content. It seems like it's the rest of the family that are suffering. My prayers are with you.

  • I bet it would be scary or messed up wondering who this person saying they know everything about me is when there's a flare up, with all the medicinal benefits hopefully mmj helps sooth your symptoms at least or be great if it had effects like it does on Parkinson's and cancer

  • I feel for you. My Dad died a few years ago and he had dementia, and more. Paranoid schizophrenia, delusions of grandeur, he was nuttier than a fruitcake.

    I can chuckle now, but going through his decline was tough. One day he would "be there" and the next day he would not show up. By that, I mean I was never sure who was in his head whenever I showed up at his place.

    He would forget who I was, or call me by my older brother's name. He'd take up conversations that we had in the past and continue them like there was never a week or 2 pause between, sometimes in the middle of a thought. For example, he might be talking about his favorite food then switching to a past topic right in the middle: "I really like oranges because spending extra for high octane gas is a waste of money when driving the average car." (yes, just like that)

    He'd go into rages over non-existent things. Forget totally his past, the family memories, names and places. Or he would seem to be living and talking like he was back in his past.

    These were tough times, and it helped to share the frustrations, sadness, and stress it caused. Feel free to vent here. We will understand. If I could, I would burn one with you.

  • 🙏🏻‘S all around with everyone dealing with this in one way or another..I lost my mom coming up on a yr..not to dementia but regardless it’s hard

  • @superman38NC condolences man, know it don't get any easier really, mine passed 3 years ago this month after 6 year battle with cancer, wish could've gotten her to try rso but doubt it woulda ever happened

  • @justaguy it's tough to deal with as any mental illness is. If you have cancer people say you're sick but if you have a mental issue people say you're crazy, it's a good justification to avoid "us" and I honestly don't blame anyone for avoiding me LOL I actually rather gp feed squirrels anyway

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