Edibles survey

Just wanted to ask how much everyone doses at a time? (In mgs)

Have gotten some freebies and need some wisdom to feel good about how much I may try.


  • I take 25mg usually. I've taken 3 of them before without an issue. I try to save them for pain though.

  • The mama drops a half to full is enough to have me feel decent, tried the loud cookie me and gf split and both us felt it but then I got 75 rice crispy and barely noticed it

  • For some reason it is hard for me to feel much of anything from edibles, the only really good experience I ever had off of them is when I ate a 300 mg nerds rope and boy was I floating

  • 50 I feel chill. 200 over the course of a few hours is my happy place.

  • Medmama gumdrops or on another level for me like cheeba chews and kushy punch and punch bars

  • 25mg gum drops are perfect for me for several hours

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