Delta 8 vs delta 9

Anyone ever try any delta 8 thc products specifically distillate or shatter?


  • No one? Supposedly it's very similar to the delta 9 people are used to experiencing normally from mmj but this isolate cannabinoid while not as powerful also doesn't have the negative effects like tired or paranoid and somehow available in all 50 states but having a hard time buying into some of what I heard. Just interested if anyone else had tried or knows anything about it?

  • I used delta 8 for a month while I was taking a break from delta 9. Its good stuff man, ive had the carts and the distillate. I now get some locally when I run out of bud lol. Its the i cant believe its not butter of weed

  • 🤣 might have to check some out

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    @Vapedad78 it gets you stoned. It’s not as strong as d9. But if you’re in a pinch Nd want a cheap legal high(yes it’s true,thanks to the farm act bill, but they r trying to shut the loophole down:-(.)(.) The stuff hits awesome out of a dab rig. I think the brand is barely legal or something? Comes in a nice little glass dab syringe.. I usually heat mine up with a lighter a bit before trying to push it out of the end, or else it’s like pushing a watermelon thru a pinhole... not gunna post the exact address of the site I use. But the company is “hemp wh0lesaler” (regular o) can’t go wrong.

  • Appreciate it, someone on reddit mentioned, cann a clear ,think that's what was called

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    @Vapedad78 anytime brotha! They have gummies, vapes, distillate, and now flower, which I’ve been meaning to try. So if anyone does im super curious!!!!!!!

  • Delta 8 I used some flower. I am spoiled. The bud I used had a funky smell and with that it has been sprayed or dipped.... I did not like the old Spice days with that mess and it reminds me of this. What I had the buzz was tiring, and the taste was chemically... I didn't enjoy it..... BUT it is like many strains, I had Indica. I will let it rest. Not for me as of now.

  • Just tried it and love it!! High as f*ck and clear headed!! It’s definitely going into the rotation!!

  • @Vapedad78 I have a could D8 vapes and i'm so far neutral on the high but it def makes a huge difference with anxiety. Like i feel a little buzzed but the anxiety relief if better then many things i've tried. Still prefer D9 vapes or or flower though. D8 will def help with controlling a situation where you feel over high from using D9 so D8 helps balance the high yet you get to still sustain the high without feeling overly high in an anxiety situation.

  • @rasta0458 interesting, noticed some at a local head shop which I was surprised not being a state that joined the fight yet but may check into it if not to over priced there

  • @Vapedad78 well last 2 1g carts i got of D8 from a local public dispensary we about $47 which i feel is a bit up there but i believe retail prices on D8 has dropped a bit since then. Its def worth a try to feel how you like it. D9 products will always be top dog though to most but D8 has just as many uses as well.

  • Appreciate the input

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    Because of this thread I bought a 3chi delta8 Pineapple Express cart from my local vape shop today. I wasn’t aware of this until a couple days ago. It actually does get you high. I’m shocked that this is legal in South Carolina

  • and to top it off the store was doing a Black Friday sale and the delta 8 carts were 25 bucks

  • Apparently, some CBD hemp is getting sprayed with Delta 8 THC and being called cannabis.

  • @Sixwaychili yeah I've heard of that happening, thankfully haven't ran into myself and fingers crossed I don't but know someone who is pretty sure happened to them

  • I ordered some delta 8 distillate and I’m hoping to try it this weekend

  • I got a friend that orders from a website and he loves em. I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard they’re pretty good.

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