Contact form reply? How long is too long?

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I used the contact form to ask about an order. I got a reply saying they’ll check on it.

Its been almost 48 hours since that reply. Is this normal? Should i try again? @medboy



  • Sometimes there are mail server issues. Sometimes they are really busy and have not responded. I'm sure he will respond.

  • 3 days now, nuthin. Something must be screwy on their end. Not really sure trying the contact form again would help anything 🤷‍♂️

  • medboy has not posted since the 16th of last mth and medman since the 6th I do no medboy was out of pocket for a week!!

  • Just send another one and mention 2nd request or something

  • Got a reply. still waiting on answer from shipper.🥳

  • I'm actually in the same boat waiting on medmama for something.

  • Today will be 8 days since contact form, still no update on my order 🤷 🙁

  • @Joha Are you still waiting for an update? Please try emailing me directly.

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    Yes, @medboy I have emailed you a few times. You’ve replied twice but never with any info about my order. Your last reply was 3 days ago. My last email was yesterday.

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    It felt redundant but I have Emailed you directly just in case. 🤪

  • I too have emailed you directly.

  • Finally got an answer 💩

  • I too received an answer yesterday. All is well for me.

  • Glad y'all got some relief from wondering

  • It was a minor issue and medmama resolved it and went above and beyond. Feel stupid for even making it jumping on a thread but you live you love and you learn.

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