Praying to the mail Gods

Ordered this morning and going out of town next weekend to see family. Please mail gods deliver on/before next Friday. I see some are getting theirs in 4 or 5 days.


  • God of mama or god of loud? Last mama ordered on fri morning got next thursday. Loud ordered last friday. Nothing yet. But its only 8 days later. Today mama so prolly next thur or friday. Mama has been quicker as of late. But it does go back and forth over time.

  • Sending positive vibes for a speedy delivery.

  • @SpongePail the God of mama. Had more of a concentrate selection.

    @Milfshake1970 Thanks! Its appreciated!

  • I'm still waiting on a order from loud I made on the 1st. I would be contacting MM but I made 2 order's that day one flower and one shatter. I got the shatter Saturday so with the holiday I'm hoping it's in the box today. if it's not in the box today I'll contact MM. This is the longest it's ever taken but USPS need I say more. MM will come through.

  • I’ve been waiting on an order since Sept. 25, from @LoudnCo The first time I splurge on myself and get a half of premium too! Thanks to Medmama I’m not losing my shit yet because I have my orders from her to keep calm. I’ve already contacted mm.

  • Rubygirl816 just went thru the wait and see thing with a half oz that i paid for and was never processed once he knew it was on the way in 2days!!!

  • @cmweems1964 thanks so much! Makes me feel better! I’m sure they will get back to me once they figure it out

  • ID says it should be here Friday. The last 2 times it's said that its been the following Monday. Fingers crossed its accurate! I've been kinda following your saga @Rubygirl816 that absolutely sucks. The USPS needs a major overhaul.

  • I also read a post from them saying because there is such a problem with usps there waiting 3weeks before reshipping might wanna check !!!

  • Will do and thanks so much!

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