Cookie dawg shatter

Saw there was no image of this one so thought of share what it looked like with yall, loving the taste of the stuff


  • Nice shards

  • @Vapedad78 right its soo tasty

    Also I know it's not the best picture but if medicineman wants to use the pic on the site to show people what the cookie dawg looks like I wouldnt mind at all in fact I'd be honored 😊

  • My hubby and I both really liked the cookie dawg! I just recently received the cherry kush wax and was not a fan of it. It was like something contaminated the batch or something ( is what my hubby said, he knows more about this stuff than me) It was like play doh consistency and it didn’t melt right either. it tasted like burnt rubber or something. It’s all stuck in my device, like I said didn’t burn right.

  • Waiting on more cookie dawg now!

  • @Rubygirl816 Oh no! I asked for a split of cherry kush. That really blows. Fingers crossed they don't honor the request?

  • I ordered it because I had seen somebody say it was good. Maybe you won’t get the same batch I did! I just got done trying to clean it out of my device, I ended up throwing the whole coil out.

  • Hopefully, just now not as excited to try it lol

  • edited October 11

    Happened to me as well with some Gelato wax I ordered a month ago. Someone had reviewed it and posted pics so I decided why not, when I received it, I noticed right away it was a totally different texture/color but I still dabbed it. It was the most unpleasant thing i’d ever dabbed. I threw it away right after receiving it for that same reason, the way it just burned/melted in my banger made me realize I was dabbing something unsafe. Weird smell as well. 4 grams down the drain, very disappointing.

  • @SmokingLoudd and I felt bad throwing two grams out!

  • @SmokingLoudd I suppose you can't really prove it but did they not replace it since it was a quality issue?

  • @nugget07
    Nope, just had to accept my defeat.

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