Ever gone to a haunted house... on weed?

First off, mm mb mama and loud, thank y'all so happy I found this place. Ok so gf and I decided to take our 2 teens to nashville nightmares haunted attractions last night. She hasn't been to a haunted house in years, like a real one anyway. My son and I have gone like past few years but never to this place. The gummies kicked in right after entering the park and the fun really began. Even standing in the rain wearing mask for hours was not even in the slightest bit a harassment or inconvenience but actually kinda added to the overall incredible experience. The first attraction we entered had the edible really peaking with like 3 haunted houses in 1 consecutive looping and twisting maze it felt like it was gonna go on forever and the fog, lasers, and gigantic animatronics coming out at you and walls literally closing in, it almost felt like having a head full of mushrooms. We had an absolute giggle fest with stomachs hurting and tears running down into our mask from laughing so hard we tried keeping up with the teens grabbing each other and screaming what the fuck is that, don't look at me, and you didn't see me, it was an absolutely hilarious and mind blowing experience I HIGHLY reccomend every haunted house enthusiast and even most that aren't. 10 outta fucking 10 a new family tradition🤣


  • Sounds like yall had an awesome time!!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 like figured we'd have a good time and it'd be fun but never woulda guessed weed had such a laughing our asses off, mind blowing, all around amazing experience like we did. And gotta give some credit to the med man team cause a head full of quality edibles definitely played a part and helped add it the memories from a night none of us will forget anytime soon

  • @Vapedad78 I love hearing that!
    One of my very best friends is a head actor at one of the top haunts here in Louisiana called Rise haunted house(they have a website), so I plan to take a page outta your book for an even more awesome experience when I go this year!

  • Oh you definitely gotta lol man you're gonna have a blast I'm telling ya lol

  • That sounds like so much fun!!

  • Like we're all talking about how much we underestimated how much fun it was gonna be, and employees were cleaning portapotties after they were used, all the actors were on point doing their jobs. Just hands down unbelievably great time and memories

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