Greenhouse wedding cake

Medmamas greenhouse wedding cake is pretty damn good! The buds were dark and nice size tightly packed buds. And let me tell you it STINKS. Soon as I cut the bag open you could smell it from a mile away. Nice head high but not so your couch locked as they say. I was able to do some things around the house and felt good while doing it! That’s the type of bud I need, especially being sick, I sometimes don’t have the energy to do anything. I think I’m going to order the indoor wedding cake she has up now, just to keep stock of it. I have to say @medmama your greenhouse bud has been really good. Last time I bought the blueberry zkittles and loved that too. Keep them coming.


  • Just got my order of Louds Wedding Cake. Its nice, not a strong pungent smell though. Smells like fresh green grass... The buzz is kind of weak. I did a wake and bake this morning and I had to follow it up with the last of my Fruit Loops. Maybe my tolerance is getting up there so I always give it that benefit of the doubt. Seems like MedMamma has really picked up her game. Blueberry Zkittles is really yummy and really has a nice steady satisfying buzz. The reviews on MedMammas bud have been increasingly improving. But Loud, my last few orders were touch and go. The fruit loops were consistent, as I ordered a half twice and both were identical.

  • I really like both Mama and Loud..both have great strains and sometimes it’s hit n miss..I’ve tried about 4-5 batches of Wedding Cake from the site..had some of Loud’s last night from a couple batches ago..I agree it’s good, but Mama’s WC is the best imo..should receive my split of Mimosa and Wedding Cake in a few days..very excited!

  • Think I’m going to split the wedding cake and the gelato this time

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