Caviar Joints

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When I first heard of these, I was interested to try one. I finally ordered some from Loud.

I wasn't sure what to expect. I had an idea from looking them up on Leafly and reading about different ways they are made, and with different ingredients and all, but the reality kind of crashed into the expectation.

They came in individual tubes, which is good because they would have welded themselves together on the trip here. They are very, very, very (did I mention they were very) sticky. I figured it was the heat that got to them, so I promptly put 3 of them in the refrigerator, and attempted to light one up.

I put a fire to the end of the joint, and it began to burn like a cigar, and it produced a heavy smoke, much like a citronella candle does. I let the end burn off, took a hit, and promptly began coughing my lungs out. The distillate tasted just like what we used to call weed oil in Canada back in the middle 80's.

You may remember how draconian Canada was about cannabis back then, and weed oil was just about all you could score up there. You'd put a few smears on a rolling paper, roll up some tobacco, and catch a buzz that way. Canadians... go figure.

The caviar joint kept burning like gangbusters. It was putting out a lot of smoke, so I ran to the kitchen sink and doused the joint. I am glad the smoke detectors didn't go off.

After a while, I tried snipping little bits of the joint off and smoking them in the pipe. This worked, but it clogged my screen pretty quick. After a while, I emptied the cone, and tossed the rest of the soaked paper out. The cannabis inside had no character to mention and I have no idea what strain was used.

The caviar joints, to me, are a party gimmick. They are harsh, taste very much like weed oil, and are very sticky and difficult to handle. The weed oil makes a heavy smoke.

I have 3 more in the refrigerator. I wont be buying any more.


  • I'll take them if you dint want them I enjoyed them

  • my only experience with caviar blunts was 15+ years ago. we dipped them into what was going around as "honey oil" (which is probably what you call weed oil, a solvent extract) and rolled them in kief. the oil can be harsh, but the drawback of the idea is the oil/kief usually burns hella fast and hot on the rolling paper compared to the weed inside. imho that makes them difficult for personal headies, best fit for a 4+ person circle session to finish off the joint quickly. they're pretty much moonrocks in a different format, but at least the rocks can be headied pretty easily. these used liquid distillate which i'm not that familiar with but assume it has a fast burn rate too, using the kief as tinder.

  • @funkynugz - I think that is what happened here, I lit the end and it was an instant smoke bomb. :smiley:

    After looking into it, yeah, these things are for being the hero at a party. Whip out one of these, announce "hey look at what I brought" and earn extra party favors.

    They do the trick, don't get me wrong. There is a strong buzz that comes with these, but yeah, you're right, they are not for the personal sitting back and enjoying the sunset kind of use.

    I put my other 3 in the deep freezer. I am going to get them as rock hard as I can then light one up, see what happens. :wink:

  • @justaguy how did it smoke after putting it in the deep freezer?

  • What an awful experience. Nothing to do with the product though. I'd enjoy caviar with at least 1 other friend or at a party. Same with a caviar joint too.

  • @MikeyC - Oh, I got a good high from it. Just an issue with the stickiness and the copious amounts of smoke.

    @Jcashmere247 - Gonna find out this evening. :wink:

  • I pulled out a caviar joint from the freezer. It was at -10F. Not sticky at all, I got a good look at it.

    They look good, and seeing all that keif on there got me to drooling even before I lit it. So I lit the end of the joint to burn off the paper at the end. I think that was my problem with the harshness the first time, I didn't burn off all the excess paper that you get using a cone before hitting on it.

    The first toke was harsh still, but I was ready for it. This thing was not quite as smoke producing as before, but it still puts out the smoke. After a minute, the burn settled down, and for a few moments I actually enjoyed smoking it.

    The fire does not go out if you stop toking on it, like a normal joint would. The burning is self sustaining, so this one is a puff-puff-pass type. I think I was able to taste a minty flavor under the taste of the weed oil.

    After a moment, the joint thawed out, and the stickiness returned, but it wasn't quite as bad as before. And you can't put this thing out in the ashtray like a normal joint. The stickiness just gathers up all the ashes and whatnot yet still keeps burning, and the paper got limp, so I found myself holding a limp, sticky, ash covered smoking torch.

    I put it out at the kitchen sink and put it back in the freezer.

  • Last installment of the great Caviar Joint review.

    Tonight, I pulled out the second of 4 joints from the freezer. I went out to the front porch and attempted to light it. It was still frozen but it didn't take but just a moment before I got some smoke going. The problem was I didn't let the water dry from my putting it out before I stuck it back into the freezer, so end of the joint was frozen and as I held the lighter to it, it thawed and kept putting the fire out.

    But I finally got it going, with the world's longest runner too. Just a couple of hits was all it took to start a buzz so I decided to put the joint out, this time by pulling the cherry (and runner) off the end. (I didn't want to repeat the same mistake) It was sticky, and as I pulled the cherry off it dragged about half the flower with it.

    Now I had a sticky, self sustaining fire stuck to my thumb and finger. And it was eager keep going. But I finally got it all to stop burning after a moment of frantic rubbing. No damage except I had a lint covered sticky blob stuck to my thumb now, right next to a small blister.

    I can still salvage this. I have about half a mangled joint left, the other 2 will stay in the freezer. My next order is due in here by Saturday and I will just add little bits of this CJ to the flower as I go along.

    Caviar joints: good buzz but a big hassle too.

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    Last installment Part 2

    I found the solution. I rolled the CJ in a Zigzag paper. Then I trimmed the ends of the excess paper and went back to the porch.

    At first, it seemed too tight, but I massaged it a little and it started to smoke easier.

    The burn was under control, and the smoke was similar to a lit cigarette.

    Hey, it's better than nothing. I like the buzz too.

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