Mimosa and Gelato 33

First off the mimosa has the look and smell. Reminds me a lot of Tangie. After one joint its pretty harsh and leaves a black ash so there's that. As far as the Gelato 33 nothing special all smalls no smell no taste. After the loss on the mammoth skunk and now this kinda has me bummin


  • Same thing here with Gelato #33 lol isnt it so dissapointing? The Mimosa is fantastic though

  • For real! I just rolled a second joint to try and change my mind and nothing!!

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    I really like the indoor Mimosa..if Mama ever gets more premium id be tempted..this indoor looks like it was trimmed by a machine for sure..the premium batches didn’t have that appearance..more natural trim..either way still yummy and smell is spot on for Mimosa 😎 only vaped so I’ll have to smoke some to see if its harsh to me..it is pretty dry..got a boveda pack in mine now so maybe that’s all it needs

  • The mimosa i got is phenomenal.. smells like Orange Diesel except its not as strong in the diesel department which is fine so its not too over powering of a smell. The hits are really good they taste like a mimosa tbh the high is pretty good for me i smoked some and then went to bed. I would definitely try and hold onto this one as long as you can. Mimosa was a homerun by Medmama. The indoor Gelato 33 unfortunately is not there with the quality. I still get the Gelato 33 high though its just followed by grassy taste somewhat! Because after i grind it it definitely brings out those terps. They just arent great. Im happy i think though

  • Damn, I missed the mimosa.

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