Space Candy?

Interested in it since I have really enjoyed Space Queen. Anyone have any input or takes on this strain? Has anyone tried this who also has tried Space Queen? Comparable? Any negative side effects you have experienced from it?


  • The last batch of Space Candy was excellent! The pic was similar to what is posted now, but what I received was all purple tight little nugs..the high was very strong 🚀..the aroma was very of those don’t open indoors..dank fuel aroma..sure it’s 💣

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    I miss the old Space Candy. I had the same batch as @superman38NC at least 1/2 ounce so I got to know it pretty well. Super nice hybrid with the best of both worlds. And the space in between.

  • @superman38NC daytime high or bedtime?

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    @NOLA504 afternoon/evening strain the batch I had..

  • It seemed like a pretty balanced hybrid to me, so you could either get things done or relax/sleep. Maybe a little indica leaning, but definitely not couch lock.

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