Water pipe vape?

I’ve used the vape cartridges for a while now but have a question. I started using my pen with my water pipe because it helps the harshness of the vape carts. I put the mouth piece to the down tube and it hits great but I worry about using the pen upside down.

Is there an attachment or something to use with water pipes for vaping so it stays upright?



  • I did a search and found a “whip”. I’m guessing that’s what I need.

  • https://originaldabcap.com should be exactly what you’re looking for

  • What would be the point of this tho? Vape smoke isn’t hot like a joint smoke, which the point of a bong, to cool down the air. I mean you do you but kinda seems like an extra step

  • Look up the Hamilton kr1 https://hamiltondevices.com/product/kr1/
    I'm thinking about one, can get discounted and found out comes with concentrate attachment so not strictly carts or oil

  • Does anyone have dry herb vaporizer recommendations? I've seen the yocan Regen website after reading it on here, but that was for wax. Are their herb vaporizer any good?

  • This is the idea https://1percent.com/magic-flight-waterpipe-whip-maple.html

    @liarliar03 so I’m guessing that answers my question about the cartridge being utilized upside down. I was just worried that it would somehow not make contact with the vape element in the cart.

  • @groundscreeper I bought the Arizer Extreme Q last week. I found it for right around 100$ on sale on CreamCityVapes with a discount code I found. It's been really good. Have only used the balloon fill and not the whip but it works well. Really like the remote control feature.

    Also have a small hand held GPen Dash that I found for like 40$ that I carry with my as an everyday carry. Great compact size, decent battery life, holds about .35 gram in its ceramic chamber. Draws decent (depending on how packed the chamber is) https://www.gpen.com/products/g-pen-dash

  • @NOLA504 that's dope AF. Im almost ready to buy it. If im looking at everything correctly, I can do dabs as well as herb? I've seen videos with flower but not concentrates. Im am talking about the desktop extreme. Thanks!

  • @groundscreeper Nothing that came standard in the box seems like it would do dabs or concentrates. Though I did read where aftermarket third-party accessories were made that did allow for dabs and what not to be used with it. This is the website that offers such aftermarket mods and accessories. It looks like they sell something for concentrates but I am not familiar using those so you should look just to make sure.


  • @NOLA504 thanks again! Im going to get that Q. For that price and every review online is good.

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    @groundscreeper yeah that price is what sold it for me. I am relatively new to vaping. Used my friends new Volcano, but wasn't going to shell out $600 for one of my own. Then came across this set up. Was originally looking and the cheaper Arizer VapeTower that doesn't do bags/balloons but when I saw where the coupon price made the Extreme Q CHEAPER than the VapeTower, I thought it was a no brainer and decided to pull the trigger while the deal was good.

    The only issue that I have is that when you fill the bag, there is no stopper and you have to cover it with your finger. Though I have since gotten one of those foam earplugs (unused one) and use that as a stopper incase I want to take my time with the vape bag or pass it around. Seems to work well.

    This website will give you the best available deal for the Extreme Q (and other vapes I have seen):https://www.vapospy.com/p/arizer-extreme-q

  • @NOLA504 im new to vaping as well. I came across a video of sneaky pete talking about doing the scuba with the bag and he said itll make you as stoned as the fist time ever. Gonna have to clear my schedule for that. I guess its where you inhale thru mouth exhale thru nose multiple times and quick...

  • I use the arizer solo 2 as my everyday vape I also have the extreme q and would recommend it. The plenty by storz and nickel is another good product although it’s not portable.

  • @Neverenoughsleep is the Solo 2 able to be carried easily in the pocket and used on the go?

  • @NOLA504 I have gotten the Q on Saturday. I freaking love it. 💘 IT! I havent gotten a buzz in 6 months, I think i shot my tolerance with the dabs. But omg! If anyone had any doubts about getting one, dont. Just get it, espically if you can find a discount code. Ive let 2 people try it whove never really vaped before and they both want one now too. I would become a salesperson for them. For free. That awesome. Id be like Towley going to Integrity Farms and a vacuum cleaner salesman rolled into one. I can only imagine the loot I will save on my grass bill. That $ will go towards more grass. So MedMan thanks you as well!

  • Solo 2 is portable but about the size of a red bull can. Not really a stealthy "pocket" item.

  • @Good2Go yeah that's a bit too big. I ended up going with the GPen Elite, it had decent reviews for the most part, and found a discount code to get it at 80ish $. It came in Yesterday, and I really like it. However, there was an issue with the on/off function. It was suppose to turn on/off with 5 presses of the button but sometimes takes 10-12 presses. I had to send it back for a replacement. Had to pay return shipping, which I think is kinda BS seeing as they sold me a faulty product and because of that I have to spend more $$ to send back to fix their mistake. But oh well.

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    What do you all set your temp to for flower vs concentrates? Thinking about putting a drop or two of diamonds or sauce on the ground flower, or is a higher heat not a good idea if I’m mixing? I’ve got a volcano and also don’t want it to drip down into the machine. New to vaping and concentrates.
    Thanks for the tips!

  • @Reshi I haven't been vaping dry herb too long but after experimenting awhile, I found personally my "low" temp range is 322F-356F. This seems good for my wake n bakes and what not. Then my "mid" range is like 357F-388F. This seems good for me later in the day when I don't have THAT much to do and can still function relatively well. Then my "high" range is like 389F-422F. This seems to be good for me later in the night and when Im trying to wind down for the evening.

    Again, I'm not much further into dry herb vaping than you, so would love to hear what others think about my temps and their own personal favorite temps for different times of the day.

  • @NOLA504 how full do you pack the bowl? Ive found (so far) about 3rd to half way to the black grip at about 245c gives me multiple big hits. Im impressed by how much I get off so little. As matter of fact its time to get vaporized.

  • @groundscreeper that sounds about what I do, 1/3. I figure I can always add more when I am done but if I add too much then I may end up wasting some. I was also surprised how much I could get out of such a small amount. I also sometimes elbow a small packed bowl in the little dome screen inside of the glass arm instead of putting it directly into the thing with the black grip on it. I just have to turn up the temp a little bit more since the bowl is further from the heat source.

    @Reshi no prob.

  • Seen the arizer EQ on sale again for just over 100, interested in going no combustion on flower as well and like the baggy idea along with other things can order from ddave

  • @Vapedad78 sounds like a good price. I have been extremely happy with it and cant believe I got it at such a great price. Have been really enjoying my Fury Edge portable pocket vape as well. Both are exactly what I was looking for. I still use the bong, pipe and papers now and then, but mainly vape and use the carts now.

  • @NOLA504 how much do you think you conserve by vaping I also have the extreme q but hardly get it out as I mainly use the solo 2

  • @Neverenoughsleep I usually elbow mine. I pack the little round screen with bud then insert it into the curved pipe instead of placing directly into the large glass bowl closer to the heat source. I feel like I can fill the bag fully twice decently off each little "elbow" depending on temp. Im not certain of how much I am saving doing it more efficiently via vape but know I am certainly not using as much as I would be if I used combustion. I'd day 50% more efficient (being conserved) at the least and its likely higher than that number. I may do an experiment to see some more exact number though and get back on here with results.

    Yeah, ill use the Arizer EQ when people are over and we are having a sesh, but I too use the smaller portable vape 90% of the time (Fury Edge). I find with a packed bowl in that I can usually get 2-maybe 3 good sessions out of it before I have to refill. The bowl holds .15-.2 grams. I usually start at between 375-380 for the first session, then for the next go to 385-390, then for a third go to 400+, after that it's pretty much done.

    I usually lay in bed and if im having trouble getting to sleep, will have a TV show on and start using the Fury. after about 3-4 session im usually ready to knock out (depending what strain im vaping and at what temps).

  • I love my solo 2 sounds like they hold about the same I generally start around 390 then finish at 400 I saw a few people in the forum ordered new vapes and I look forward to hearing their thoughts and impressions on them. If it sounds like I’m rambling just vaped a bowl of garlic cookies and am pretty stoned 😂

  • Yea a lot of people seem to be vaping a lot more I’ve noticed lately

  • Really considering that arizer EQ even though would like pocket size but usually don't go mobile and sounds like pretty decent deal

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