Water pipe vape?

I’ve used the vape cartridges for a while now but have a question. I started using my pen with my water pipe because it helps the harshness of the vape carts. I put the mouth piece to the down tube and it hits great but I worry about using the pen upside down.

Is there an attachment or something to use with water pipes for vaping so it stays upright?


  • I did a search and found a “whip”. I’m guessing that’s what I need.

  • https://originaldabcap.com should be exactly what you’re looking for

  • What would be the point of this tho? Vape smoke isn’t hot like a joint smoke, which the point of a bong, to cool down the air. I mean you do you but kinda seems like an extra step

  • Look up the Hamilton kr1 https://hamiltondevices.com/product/kr1/
    I'm thinking about one, can get discounted and found out comes with concentrate attachment so not strictly carts or oil

  • Does anyone have dry herb vaporizer recommendations? I've seen the yocan Regen website after reading it on here, but that was for wax. Are their herb vaporizer any good?

  • This is the idea https://1percent.com/magic-flight-waterpipe-whip-maple.html

    @liarliar03 so I’m guessing that answers my question about the cartridge being utilized upside down. I was just worried that it would somehow not make contact with the vape element in the cart.

  • @groundscreeper I bought the Arizer Extreme Q last week. I found it for right around 100$ on sale on CreamCityVapes with a discount code I found. It's been really good. Have only used the balloon fill and not the whip but it works well. Really like the remote control feature.

    Also have a small hand held GPen Dash that I found for like 40$ that I carry with my as an everyday carry. Great compact size, decent battery life, holds about .35 gram in its ceramic chamber. Draws decent (depending on how packed the chamber is) https://www.gpen.com/products/g-pen-dash

  • @NOLA504 that's dope AF. Im almost ready to buy it. If im looking at everything correctly, I can do dabs as well as herb? I've seen videos with flower but not concentrates. Im am talking about the desktop extreme. Thanks!

  • @groundscreeper Nothing that came standard in the box seems like it would do dabs or concentrates. Though I did read where aftermarket third-party accessories were made that did allow for dabs and what not to be used with it. This is the website that offers such aftermarket mods and accessories. It looks like they sell something for concentrates but I am not familiar using those so you should look just to make sure.


  • @NOLA504 thanks again! Im going to get that Q. For that price and every review online is good.

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    @groundscreeper yeah that price is what sold it for me. I am relatively new to vaping. Used my friends new Volcano, but wasn't going to shell out $600 for one of my own. Then came across this set up. Was originally looking and the cheaper Arizer VapeTower that doesn't do bags/balloons but when I saw where the coupon price made the Extreme Q CHEAPER than the VapeTower, I thought it was a no brainer and decided to pull the trigger while the deal was good.

    The only issue that I have is that when you fill the bag, there is no stopper and you have to cover it with your finger. Though I have since gotten one of those foam earplugs (unused one) and use that as a stopper incase I want to take my time with the vape bag or pass it around. Seems to work well.

    This website will give you the best available deal for the Extreme Q (and other vapes I have seen):https://www.vapospy.com/p/arizer-extreme-q

  • @NOLA504 im new to vaping as well. I came across a video of sneaky pete talking about doing the scuba with the bag and he said itll make you as stoned as the fist time ever. Gonna have to clear my schedule for that. I guess its where you inhale thru mouth exhale thru nose multiple times and quick...

  • I use the arizer solo 2 as my everyday vape I also have the extreme q and would recommend it. The plenty by storz and nickel is another good product although it’s not portable.

  • @Neverenoughsleep is the Solo 2 able to be carried easily in the pocket and used on the go?

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