Pick my order for me at each price point (loud/medmama flower)

Just curious what you would get at each premium, indoor, greenhouse, outdoor, trim. Loud or Med Mama Flower.

I like feeling relaxed and stoned, but don't necessarily need an indica for insomnia.

I also enjoy during work or workout/after work and netflix binge.

Curious to see your results. Thanks I'm advance!


  • I’m going to try the premium Godzilla Glue looks amazing ! I’m also going to try the moonrock from loud

  • I recommend La Cheese
    It's not gonna put you to sleep, but will give you the nice relaxed chill you're looking for after a workout/work/Netflix binge.

  • @MikeyC for the relax and stoned I just ordered Sundae Driver. I was looking for something to chill and relax with that won't have me stuck to the couch or falling asleep. This sounded as if it fit the bill.

    I have been smoking MAC (non-premium) during the day recently. Doesn't make me wired like some other daytime strains, but at the sametime keeps me focused and driven.

  • I smoked sundae driver (loud premium) today and it was exactly what I was looking for.

  • @MikeyC that Sundae Driver is some good medicine!

  • I’m out. Anxiety is crazy.

  • If I see GG (gorilla glue) or GSC (girl scout cookies) at any price those are my top choices. But actually, in five years the only one I've ever been disappointed with was TrueOG.

  • Thanks. The one I'm disappointed in most is myself... On any given day I can love it hate premium dolato, and same can be said for alien fire kush. Blueberry zkittlez certainly makes me nod out at night too =)

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