Concentrate rda looking for info

Anyone tried the Sai or sequoia or Dtv4? Was bout to pull trigger on Devine tribe dtv4 with titanium bucket sic cup but didn't know if one the others would be a better choice


  • Rig and torch for me

  • I got the yocan regen kit and it works pretty decent but see lot of people raving bout the Dtv4 with Ti bucket or sequoia with bucket and seems much easier to use with less waste plus I could control power and temp with my mod, just wasn't sure which of those were way to go or possibly ultillian 5 kit cause vape TV seems to like it better than more expensive devices

  • Matter fact I just took micro hit of pink runtz just to taste with ceramic donut in the regen and damn shits gas lol but feel could have a better experience or efficient from one those mentioned

  • Pretty friggin good imo, got strong gas taste, and first tiny lil bit I put in ceramic coil on my yocan regen and stuff had me elevated for sure lol actually wasn't expecting to be that strong at first

  • @MoonMan5 those 2 look interesting wish done more research on those but picked up the Devine crossing v4 with extra ti bucket on decent discount last night and already flashed arctic fox onto the mod I'll be using so interested to see how it goes

  • I’ve got the Dtv4 and really like it for travel, portability, quick dab, etc. Much heavier hitter than any “pen” but there’s a learning curve and IMO doesn’t perform as well as traditional rig and torch, very close...but not equal. It’s a piece I’m happy I own but I still choose a rig if possible.

  • @agingasian nice that's definitely promising, yeah rig like I want isn't really feasible atm so down the road. I've been vaping and building coils since before temp control was a thing so learning curve is right in my wheelhouse , I already enabled auto fire for double click anything else you can think of or recommend

  • I run mine in NI mode, 33watts, 475-500 degrees. Best advice I can offer is checking out the r/DivineTribe in Reddit. You can see all different setups and interact with other users. So much advice and help! Happy hitting!

  • @agingasian thanks, yeah stumbled upon it yesterday that's where found the download and tools, does seem like good group

  • Appreciate the help frl man

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