Weed gods are looking out for me.

I’ve been out of weed for a week (not on purpose). It just so happens that I applied for a job this week too. I did not know this job did drug screenings. I accepted an offer today, pending a background check and drug screening. Any tips on how to pass a drug test?


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    Are you sure they test for THC? I know most companies have stopped, though there are still some left. How much did you smoke before you stopped?

    Lots of fluid before your test and a heavy dose of vitamin B-12 so your urine is still tinted yellow. Try to schedule for late in the day.

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    @Sixwaychili Just to be safe, I’m going to assume they test for THC. I live in a state where it’s pretty illegal. I was vaping multiple times a day, every day until I ran out last Saturday.

  • You need to dilute and then take vitamins. Use google and look for methods where you drink distilled water, take creatine, niacin and vitamin b12 after it's clear and then perhaps abstain for 2 days, then eat super fatty foods the morning/night before your test.

  • Q Carbo 32

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    Do you know if the test is a urinalysis or mouth swab? If it’s a mouth swab test, then take a 12-24 hr break from smoking, then right before the test(maybe 20 minutes before) chew some gum, candy or food. Guarantee you will pass. If it’s a urinalysis, then look into getting a u pass, or try suregel and Gatorade. Never tried this method, but I heard it works. If all else fails for the urinalysis, find a friend whose “clean” and get a sample from them.

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    Use something called test clear. It’s clean urine in powder form that you heat up using waters and warmers. I have take plenty of drug tests with it and never had a problem. All of mine have been unsupervised though. Check it out. It works like a charm

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    From my own, extensive experience with drug testing...

    You don't need to be "clean" to pass the test. You only have to get the detectable amount of THC in your urine down below the detection threshold of the test.

    They will probably test you at the company if the test is not a DOT or other safety related test. The cheapest test is a litmus strip into a sample of urine. The detection threshold on these is high compared to a DOT test.

    If you need a DOT or safety related test, you will probably be sent to a clinic that does that sort of thing. These tests will most likely be a urine test, these have a low threshold of detection.

    From my own experience, I know I could pass a DOT level test after 11 days of not smoking. I had been a daily, heavy smoker up to that point, and was given a heads up that the test was coming. I sweated that result because I believed all the stories about THC being detectable up to 1 month after smoking.

    That is true... under laboratory settings. In the real world, no more than about 2 weeks for a big smoker like me.

    Your body size matters. A thinner guy will probably pass the test a little sooner than an over weight guy would. I am a big guy, 6'5" and 300#.

    On the day of the test, don't give them the first pee of the day. If you can go a couple of times before you take the test, that would be even better. Drink lots of fluids the morning of the test. You can "flush" yourself out the day before, but that doesn't really help much.

    I once shared a joint on a Friday night. The next Monday morning I was popped for a DOT random test.

    I passed it. I was clean the whole month before though.

    That's what I know. I hope it helps.

  • GNC Ask for carbo cleanse "don't tell them it's for a drug test or you'll end up with a speech from a a-hole " runs about $60 and is kept behind the counter. Don't let them talk you into a box of anything. A 32oz bottle that's tough to drink, and you have to work on it for hours before your test. I have used it, it works. As a matter of fact the have a money back guarantee. LOL lots of luck

  • The good ole water and vinegar does the trick as well

  • @justaguy gave very, very good Info in his post.

    I personally just use Magnum Detox synthetic urine , but there is a risk there that they may watch you pee and if they do, you're kinda fucked. Usually this is only for court or like DOT type stuff .. but really depends on the company. My company, for instance, used to do regular UAs without anyone watching.. that's how I used synthetic urine .. now, having talked to new hires:, they say when they got their test, there was an Asian doctor & she was definitely watching. (.....sounds spicy, we joke about that. Lol)

    Anyway I forgot the direction I was going, but yeah.. there's only 2 different options: substitution (as i have described, substitutimg your pee for something else like synthetic or clean pee ) or Dilution. Dilution is just drinking a shitload of water and vitamins to where when you piss , it's too diluted to pick up the THC. this is how all bottled detox drinks work.

    As he mentioned, don't give them the first or second pee of the day. You don't have to buy a detox drink-- just drink a TON of water, take 2 or 3 vitamin B Complex (this is to color your urine yellow after the dilution kicks in). Keep drinking water til you almost bust, pee like 5 times before you actually givee your sample, and you'll be fine :)

  • Let me add 1 thing that all of you forgot. Some labs will state "inconclusive" if it's too diluted & will make you do it again. Some labs now test for synthetic urine.

  • I thought I would bump this thread up because of a recent article I just read today.

    From High Times Magazine: New Study Warns CBD May Yield Positive THC Test Results

    Findings from a clinical trial at Harvard suggest that patients consistently using full-spectrum, hemp-derived products may have positive test results for THC-COOH on a urinary drug screen.

    The researchers wrote in their conclusions: “It is often assumed individuals using hemp-derived products will test negative for THC. Current results indicate this may not be true, especially if assays are more sensitive than advertised."

    NORML stated “ingestion of CBD products absent any presence of THC will not trigger a positive drug test result because CBD is not converted into carboxy-THC following metabolization.”

    I am not a medical doctor, but remember this is a clinical trial where they are looking for ANY amount of THC. So a sensitive test may detect something that might trigger the results. When testing a urine sample, the test wont specify the differences between THC's unless a full spectrum analysis is completed on the sample. That will probably not happen to your test unless you just crashed a plane or something, or pay for the test yourself. I hear they are pretty expensive.

    My short take on this is: hmm... OK then. No examples of real world positive results for a few years now, so I think we're safe.


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    Idk about the urine tests, as they are typically more reliable imo...(I use quick fix) but I can attest to putting a big, fat, dip of cope snuff in my mouth just before a mouth swab test and hell..you could be sitting there baked and throw a dip in and you’ll pas one of the mouth swabs anytime. Done it multiple times and have passed every time. Thank god for good chewing tobacky

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    Many good points made here. Hadn't thought about using B vitamins to make the color more yellow. In the end I'm not sure whether that matters.

    My only contribution, from experience, applies only when you have privacy. A salt packet is all you need. If you're good at sleight of hand, just get the salt in there and make sure it dissolves. Do not overdo it. (I used two restaurant salt packets in my most recent test.)

    This advice was published back when people got knowledge from books. The title was Steal This Urine Test; it was written by Abbie Hoffman, activist author of Steal This Book. It works because ionic substances interrupt the binding between the test reagents and...everything the test tests for. (If your test involves gas chromatography, you're out of luck. That said, gas chromatography is expensive and I've never heard of it being used for a routine screen, at least not initially. It's used more commonly to resolve false positives.

  • The only way to go is to carry someone else’s urine into the doc in a box. They have no right to watch you pee. Vitamins and water aren’t reliable unless a basic test is performed. Lots of water looks like water in the sample and vitamins clearly are bright yellow.
    However, my experience at a defense facility or similar... is you’re screwed.

  • Weed gods have smiled upon me once again. Must be doing something right. So got a half coming but down to last bowl and no cash. Well. This morning found a ring on the ground outside my complex. 14k but small. Ran it in and got 70 for it. Called the local fire plug and picked up a quarter with the 60 on way back to office. Plus have money for lunch too. All good till mama comes through and payday. Thank you cannabis gods.

  • @SpongePail LOL glad they smiled upon you

  • @MigraineWarrior79 it wad an awesome morning. It looked like a small 2.5grm was its weight, wedding band. Would not want to be the guy who dropped it though. His S. O. Is probably pissed. Like where did your ring go john. Why is it not on your finger. Prolly had a rough morning. But hey made mine 😂

  • @SpongePail

    They're probably not, but, hey not your problem!
    They shoulda took better care of their ring, haha

  • Past a dozen of these, failed one.

    For 100% negative use someone else's..Put it in an enema bottle and place on your inner thigh. Rehearse a few times...If in the enema bottle and left inside thigh it will 100% get to temperature if you leave it long enough.

    Experiment time frames and procedure msny times before appt.

    Use a digital thermometer during your rehearsals.

    And use the thermometer in the car before u go inside to dbl check.

    Microwave is also a good booster and only takes a fea seconds.

    Its all about rehearsing if its your first attempt.

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