Comparison kief and kief butter

Still got round g of the nyc diesel kief I grabbed few weeks back and been really enjoying it and seen they added the butter now was wondering if anyone has any info or input comparing or contrasting the items


  • i was looking at that again bro .. i think thats just regular kief. Butter OG is the strain name.

    i could be wrong. but i think they should re-word the title/heading bc i thought it was butter too but after re-reading the description, i think this is just kief from Butter OG strain.


  • i really gotta try some kief, i've passed on some really amazing looking ones, i got kinda put off by ordering kief as part of my very first order & i got it and it was very green/not at all like the pic. so ever since then i've been afraid to order it. lol (it did smoke fairly and got me blazed, so . . prolly just high in contaminant particles, nbd)

    but yeah now i'm second guessing myself. @medman @medmama can you clarify for us?

    that's just kief, correct? thx

  • @v32Finish interested to see what they say cause I've really enjoyed the nyc diesel kief, comes in handy when want a pick me up but don't wanna mess with dab tools or that stuff and other things too just more versatile than I'd realized when ordered

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    I might check out the Butter OG. I’ve been enjoying some medical dispensary kief lately. I’ve got both Layer Cake and Triple Chocolate Chip...both outstanding! It would be great to see more variety here though.
    Just checked...if it’s Butter OG kief (which is how I read it) it would be my kind of OG. Butter OG has a reputation as a “knock out” strain.

  • Damn if that's the case might have to grab some more, I do like having some handy just in case lol got scientific purposes and betterment of the community and industry only of course

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