USPS fastest delivery I got yet...

damn. I ordered some blueberry zkittles and purple headband shatter friday morning and it's already being delivered today and i live on east coast. i wish every order was like that.


  • Lucky man! I’ve had a Thursday order to Tuesday delivery to SE Georgia a couple times.

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    I ordered the same thing and mine has sat in pre ship since thursday let me know how it is please or some pics

  • Yeah I ordered some Banana Zkittles and mushroom candy Thursday and it showed up today. Thank God because I ran out of weed this morning 😩

  • Dang, lucky. I ordered last Monday & still haven't received anything today. Usually I get my shit real quick tho, it's unusual

  • @MoonMan5 hey bro the purple headband is more of a waxy consistency and taste like a berry and the blueberry zkittles is a whitish brittle personally I like the headband more as far as looks but I'll take some pics after work today my mail didnt run until 645pm last night surprised me

  • @Zackarrry i hope they both have good potency lmk

  • 🤞🤞 maybe now that the election us over shipping will speed up again!!!

  • @Joha election got over just in time for xmas shopping so that'll probably slow shit down too buy hopefully not as much tho since not everyone celebrates

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