Strains for nerve pain?

Anyone have any suggestions to treat neuropathy or nerve pain?

@LoudnCo @medmama - I’ve heard Romulan or Scooby Snacks are good but never see it in the menu. Is this something that’s available to get in? I feel others would benefit greatly too.


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    I use heavy indicas to help with neuropathy, migraines, insomnia, and back pain.
    I received some lava cake & Blueberry og today from medmama
    I'll report on the bbog later on...well, tomorrow! It'll probably knock me out, haha
    I have poly neuropathy stemming from multiple auto accidents, as well as other types of injuries that I won't get into; I can definitely understand the pain and suffering associated with that. 💚

  • @MigraineWarrior79 sorry to hear of your ailments and hope you are managing well and finding much needed relief. Looking forward to your comments as well so thanks. Getting for a friend who has not gotten a proper diagnosis yet, just trying to deal with the severe pain, insomnia and everything else that goes along with it. Had some extra do-si-dos that I gave them to try and hope it helps for starters. Sounds like it might help some in the meantime hopefully.
    Thanks again!

  • I would love to hear others opinion on this too. I'm grateful for my health, but nerve pain in my left sciatica is something I've had to deal with ever since a couple athletics injuries a few years ago.

    White Rhino, Jah Goo, Grand Daddy Purp have been a few I've found that help as well. @Reshi

  • Ok, just returning home from bringing my father to a doc appt, and all associated with that.

    I also received some Rude Boi Hash from @LoudnCo
    I took a rice sized dab of that, and so much relief has come from it!

    I also took a couple of hits from lava cake, and I'm nice and relaxed. No pain here!

    So, I definitely recommend Rude Boi for pain relief for anyone suffering.


  • @MigraineWarrior79 thanks so much for letting me know. I’m getting ready to place another order now.

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    You're welcome, fam💚

    And that should read "nice sized dab"
    I blame the dab, lol

  • I usually go with the diamonds for nerve pain or really strong indica. I used to just smoke whatever as long as it was gas but now since I had heart surgery at 29 in 2018
    heart valve replacement
    2 strokes from endocarditis
    ( used to do cocaine heavy)

    ... usually just stick heavy indica now smoke maybe 4 or 5 blunts a day and diamond always does the trick for me even on my most painful stressful days

  • The blueberry og is pretty good!
    I'd go for it

  • Thanks @FancyGlass_BluntyAsh @MigraineWarrior79 @Batman4rmHouston. I’ll snag some extra carts based on the recommendations thanks! Appreciate the help and support from everyone!

  • @Reshi Pain you say? Northern Lights in any form will do the trick. My favorite medical strain.

  • OG kush is hard to beat, too.not sure what it is but OG has really strong pain and nausea relief
    properties for me.

    Based on this, my current recommendations for nausea and/or pain are the Triple Chocolate Chip and the Blueberry OG

  • Nice to add some to my list! Thanks all!

  • I ordered shrooms choc bars and flower Friday and still nothing all med mamma. Anyone else have issue

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