I like notifications.

-Your order has been received!
-Your payment has been received!
-Shipping Label Created



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    We ordered Tuesday night and received our order confirmation, but never received a payment confirmation...that was a first. But, a shipping label has been created so all is well!

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    A label created is a sure sign you will soon be in better spirits. :smiley:

    I ordered and paid just after midnight Wednesday. At the end of that day, MedMama had already created a label. Loud created one this morning, Thursday.

    It will be a race to see which one makes it here first.

  • ooo, i like a race! let us know who wins, @justaguy lol

  • MedMama shipped on the12th and is "In Transit, Arriving On Time", Monday the 16th.
    Loud shipped this morning, the 13th, and it is also "In Transit, Arriving On Time", expected to be here Tuesday the 17th.

    I just ran out of all what I had, so I will get a short tolerance break until then.

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    Just FYI: My order from MedMama is at my local post office already. Sigh, if only they delivered on Sunday this would have been a 5 day delivery.

    ID say my order from Loud is somewhere between here and there.

  • Final tally of the race: it is a tie!

    Loud shipped a day later than MedMama, is further away from me than MedMama, but ID says both are "out for delivery."

    Oh happy day! Time to head to town!

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