Ever had a label removed from ID

Any1 ever had a package show up on ID then taken off?! Kinda worries me. Had the label created and now it’s gone


  • I had label created and it sat like that for over a week, maybe more, and then it just disappeared. My package was declared lost

  • Mine was up since Thursday morning and last night it was gone. My ID never works and it has the last 2 times. I wonder why it would show up then be gone

  • That IS strange. I know when I got up last night, in the middle of night, ID was not working, it was in some kind of maintenance or something. The page wouldn’t load. I had label made also on Thursday, and it started moving last night. Mine was from Loud. I wish I could be more help @WDEgkj

  • @Rubygirl816 thats exactly what mine did. I looked to see if it’s moved and the label was gone. I refreshed it and it said the page was down. This was about 1 in the morning. Got up this morning and first thing I done was check and the label isn’t there. The label means the shippers just made 1 right? I’m hoping that’s what it is and my package is on its way. I’m ready to take that trip lol! I’m also kinda worried they caught that shit too.

  • Yes the label means the shipper printed it. That’s so strange. I mean I know If the label sits too long, it will fall off, with no movement. But yours was only there a few days. Nah I don’t think anybody caught on, I just think USPS is just messed up in some areas still. I’ve had the worst of luck lately with packages. At one time, I had four “arriving late” and then, last week, I got one, in two days, no joke. Package shipped on Tuesday and I had it Thursday go figure 🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t panic yet @WDEgkj

  • @Rubygirl816 its back up now and out for delivery lol! I’m going down the rabbit hole next weekend!!

  • lol, cool!! Enjoy!

  • I’m getting kinda nervous after reading the reviews. It’s been a while and I’m older but I’ll let y’all know I hope by next weekend

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