Anybody on east coast if so it would be so cool for us to plan a hiking/camping trip all together or go to Gatlinburg and enjoy the beautiful smokies. that's prob wishful thinking though


  • Gatlinburg would be awesome, little hike but doable

  • I'm East coast in New England (have a car, license etc), after all this shit me and my son would love some outdoors time lol.

  • Yea sounds good but I will say those are some non 420 friendly hills.

  • Yeah heard TN don't fuck around either

  • Sure. I’m about an hour south of there towards Atl.

  • Edibles and planning is all you'd need- that's why this site needs mints!

  • Upstate SC here. About 2 hours away from Gatlinburg. Go there all the time

  • Upstate SC here too. Never been to Gatlinburg though...

  • I live 30 min from g burg went to jail there a couple months ago fuck gburg pd

  • edited November 19

    Just keep your flower below half. Roadside testing doesn’t count and since cbd became legal, TBI will not test flower under a half oz. At least that’s what I heard.

  • Upstate SC is showing up @JustBeingBlunt @OzBaxter! Make it 3 from Upstate SC.

  • go upstate SC tigers. My almamata

  • I gotta make nother trip to myrtle beach, haven't brought the kids in few years

  • Three upstate clemson tigers! Yes!

  • Go to Panama City beach. Myrtle beach is getting more dangerous in some areas....

  • I am in Eastern SC. Yeah the Deep South is behind The rest of the US. Keep us posted. Sounds like fun!

  • Been to PCB few times always liked myrtle beach better and got younger kids besides teen and thought there was more for younger kids in MB?

  • Columbia SC area here

  • Triangle NC here!!!

  • Maryland!

  • Yeah TN and national park definitely not friendly. Would be more forgiving in Gatlinburg with tourists but not much at all. Hot springs North Carolina or for those who are up to the hike Lake Lure or Bat Cave NC . There you can hike far enough up to see where the movie Last of the Mohicans was filmed and get far enough off trail to be left alone. Good luck hope you find what you're looking for. My last suggestion is the outer banks, Ocracoke island it has a national park campground and 17mi of beach without a hotel or home on it. Go in a 4wd keep your cool and you can have great parties. I've had bonfires that grew from 10 people to over 50 when the bar's closed. Partying fishing eating and watching the sun come up.

  • I like the pisgah forest in NC. Camped there many times.

  • 👍👍👍👍

  • My b . y beautiful any time of year. plan ahead for people who can't camp or if available several rooms for groups. Secluded on the Blue Ridge Parkway the Pisgah Inn is the only lodging on the southern end of the parkway it's a cool place with a good comfort food restaurant. It's closed from late fall to spring and does fill up quick so reservations a year or so ahead are necessary for large groups in my experience. So much to do in and around Pisgah national forest.

  • Western nc Foothills

  • Small world. There seems to be a lot of us in this area.

  • Mntdweller, we’ll be at lake Toxaway for New Years.

  • I usually take 3-4 days to rent a cabin out near Bryson City every year.

  • Weird thread. Too much info Btw what’s your Medicare #? Lol please don’t post that number or ever give it up. It’s your ss and older people who don’t know better throw their numbers around like a game of bingo. I’m just saying the internet is changing with the world. I have no Facebook or social media. Big bro has taken my blood so many times I should have an ancestry tree growing in my yard. But if anyone here can inform me if you have had 5g boxes or towers installed in your town city I’d like to know bc I’m doing a little info digging to see if Covid deaths are up where 5g is installed. And compare numbers. Happy thanksgiving to all I hope everyone goes about their normal life and be with family bc in times like this that’s all you got is fam a lam. And you are all fam bc we all share a common interest that forms bonds that change the world. Keep your heads up and stay positive. I know if god wanted me he would have taken me 20 times but I’m here to finish something or to bare witness to wherever consciousness takes me and I done beat worst things than a lil Covid so I know In my head I’ll knock that right out the box boom....But 5g is a diff ballgame and together along with vaccines and chips implanted I mean the thought police are out there and they are implementing a social credit score. Via China. And bill gates. This guy is everything but a computer wizard. It’s so funny. Once you break through spiritualy and take the black pill it all makes sense. Actually Taj Mahal will help you break through if you know you know

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