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The Premium Banana OG🍌 was one of my favorite strains of all time that I got on this site. Hoping the indoor is comparable.🤞 Is the Premium alot better than indoor from Loud?


  • Loud is very consistent with their Premium vs. Indoor distinction. Hard to say what "a lot" is, but I would say it's a level up. MedMama's products are less consistent, in my opinion. And it varies considerably, depending on the time of year. This past spring, I would argue that much of their indoor herb was greenhouse-level, at best. And some of the Premium was indoor-level, really.

    Basically: MedMama seems to grade on a curve. Loud's grading is "absolute."

    I would be interested in knowing what others think. I will say this: More of the best strains I've ever had from this site have come from MedMama. Also: More of the stinkers.

  • Very wise words and I completely agree. My last Premium batch from Med Mama was Banana Zkittlez and it was mediocre at best. It definitely wasn't fully cured. Now compare that to my last Premium batch from Loud of Miracle Whip, it was night and day. The Miracle Whip was covered in crystals and burned into a perfect white ash. I'm curious about Loud's indoor and how it compares to their premium . Thanks, I just picked up a half ounce to try it out. I'll let you know my assessment when it arrives🤔

  • @Quasar we received Loud's most recent indoor Blackberry Kush and Frankenstein. The Frankenstein doesn't have the look of premium cannabis as most of the buds are pretty small, but the monster definitely has a premium hit! The more I smoke/vape of it, the more I like it! The Blackberry Kush on the other hand is absolutely beautiful! The way that it looks, smells, and hits, the ounce that I got is definitely premium quality! Over the past couple of years I've experienced that with both shippers (I don't ever recall ever ordering from Med. Love). I've had indoor and outdoor that could have been premium from both was that great! With all the cannabis I've purchased here (pounds?) I have been very fortunate in that I've yet to received a poor quality product...a "stinker." I'm pretty discerning, do a lot of research, but most of all I've been pretty damn lucky!

    Back to Indoor v. Premium, I'm sure the shipper's cost is also a major factor in classifying and pricing.

  • Professor, considering that you purchased pounds, I will trust your judgment. 😆We're all here for the same thing and that's to self medicate and not win a beauty contest by best bag appeal. Blackberry Kush sounds delightful! Thank you for your input, it's greatly appreciated.

  • Louds indoor is fire 🔥 The outdoor is usually good to when it’s around. The outdoor GG4 had the most dank smell buds i’ve come across in a while. It will definitely tell on you if you have a bud in your pocket 🤣 The premiums I’ve ordered were outstanding as well.

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    Added sum miracle whip pics it was ok wouldnt say it competes w anything I got w my local area of course. I think loud has sum ok bud and there wax is fire from what I tried but neither has actual top shelf flower.! They go to these despeseries and they discount them really low on the batches of weed they come in large turkeys bags and wax I'm guessing all comes bulk then most of the weed is vacuumed sealed and weighed out and labeled the majority of weed we get is either outdated, hermaphrodited or theres just maybe something slightly off bad cure no flush etc bud rott it keeps goin on... this is why they discount all this bud/wax because if they didn't it would all be THROWN AWAY that keeps them happy and the people who makes money off the boof product! But yes you really cant complain about it if u dnt live in an area that just doesn't have any medicine then this is 1 of the choices u can go with but I can say for the cost of what they charge is pretty steep just be grateful @medman is a cool guy & has been supporting the people who need it regardless of the quality most of the weed is still in fairly ok condition not all of it is suitable for me I'm hella picky I like my weed to burn clean smooth really white ash i started smokn bud when i was 13 I'm now 29 so when u smoke specific tree at that experience sum bud can really bother you if it just doesn't hit rite taste like its burning clean that will fuck ur lungs up & cause lung infections or worse only really high clean thc meds will cure cancer & is proper medicinal medcine for you, cant continuesly smoke molded weed! nutrients left into the buds because someone didn't flush is a no no its important to properly flush cannabis before harvest and curing is really important to.! them two are key also growing the flowers to maturity w white & lil bit of amber trichomes for good potency you dnt wont weak ass flowers w no thc it sucks pre mature weed is for the pussies. Lmao

  • I need to be in your area then lol, basically everything I've gotten here been better and less expensive than anything can find locally, and reddit all the people in legal states complaining bout mites, mold, and prices identical or more except WA and maybe 1 other

  • @7r3vor. I can definitely see what you mean. Curing and the final flush is vital, especially for creating a nice clean high with no side effects. Wish it was legal in here in NY, but there's always 2021!

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    To echo @Vapedad78 I learned about mold after venturing into the CBD flower world. It's a big deal, elsewhere, fortunately.

    Also: Seconded that my local area has nothing like this, at these prices or any other.

  • @7r3vor I agree been getting some local fire from co. and can tell a big difference in
    In freshness smell etc from mm. The stuff I got from co is top medical grade off the charts fire

  • Should be the same from mm for the price we pay

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