Mushroom mini-dose capsules

I took a bunch of them throughout the weekend, and today I took 6 at once, and I feel very little, maybe a small energy boost. A bit disappointing, considering they are so expensive. I am curious what others experiences have been. How many do you need to take to feel the effects? For comparison, I ate less than a gram of the Taj Mahal the other night, and I was tripping, so I don’t have a high tolerance.


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    I havent taken them personally but if they are indeed 10mg and thats not a typo that is not very much at all. My microdoses are about 100mg and sometimes I notice them and sometimes I dont. They do have a lot of other good stuff in them though like the lions mane reishi etc. I take 1-2 grams of lions mane every day for cheap insurance against Alzheimer's/ dementia

  • I was wondering about the caps and looked up the dosage and was thinking I would have to take the whole bottle to feel like I did Wednesday. They are pricey and that’s what kept me away and went straight for the shrooms.

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    With paper you have to double your dose if your tripping days in a row. Or just never come down. IDK if the fungus is the same way. As far as tolerance goes it doesn't matter if it's once or a hundred, still would have to double.

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    These are not meant to get you "high". For that use the regular shrooms. These are much more subtle and can be used while you go about your regular life. You get benefit not only from the psilocybin but from the other mushrooms which act with them to give you healthy effects. I agree they are a bit overpriced because you could make something similar a lot cheaper yourself (like buying edibles instead of making your own), but I really do love using them.

  • Not meant to get you high? Then just what does " High Euphoria" mean?
    I purchased some of these and if there is no buzz then refunds are in order. Euphoria is used to describe a "high".
    40 MG of mushrooms ( 4 each capsules) should be enough to get you close to"take off" but not further, but you should definitely feel it. If you don't feel nothing then the product is junk or using inert mushrooms.

  • You have to research before you open ya wallet @tracker3795. Now what have we learned(in my teacher voice) lol j.k. Micro dosing is amazing and restructures and helps reprogram your brain to be on point. Majority of famous inventors, ceo, etc micro lsd or shrooms and I think it gives them their edge. Now if you just want to be a lazy fuck and just trip balls then the capsules won't do anything for that. The actual mushroom chopped and soaked as a tea or eating them is where the beat will drop lol 😉

  • Maybe I stepped to far out on a limb here. I suppose if you have been eating good prior to ingestion, it may slow down the absorption to the point you may not feel it like I'm thinking.
    I also supposed everybody has different absorbation rates that could potentially stall the 40 MG absorption rate.
    The product is priced very high compared to other products. But I never used MM because of the great prices.

  • @rshigh81 I did do my research. If the product advertises "euphoria" one has an expectation of achieving euphoria.
    Who said anything about tripping?
    My larger point is just what I posted. One should feel 40mg of shrooms hence the word euphoria. Nobody expected to trip on microdosing.
    Only thing I did not do was factor in absorbation rates which would effect how much "euphoria" one may or may not feel taking 4 microdosing capsules.
    Read the description on the product for the effects of taking 4 tablets. Then read Dennyt's description of the effects he felt. The two don't come close to matching and you don't think that might be a problem?

  • @medman I give you credit!! I don't know how you can listen to these ''men'' cry like children that just had their Halloween candy taken from them. Pls, keep doing what you're doing because 99.9% of us are VERY happy with not just your products, that goes without saying but customer service as well!

  • @tracker3795. Just seeing. For myself it definitely elevates my mood. Euphoria may be a bit strong of a word. having food in your stomach definitely thins out the effect so smaller but longer effect. Also results vary according to not only the persons physiology but I have found that the amount of psilocybin in each capsule is not consistent. A few times I have been definitely low level tripping on two of them.

  • I find it funny the multiple ppl that see medman post and all of a sudden become forum warriors yall do know he can talk for himself and he did make a site knowing many ppl with many personalities will order here and when u open a forum like anywhere many ppl will post so instead of calling others complainers etc move on and stop being the hall.monitor let medman and them speak for themselves i wasnt even part of this i just see the negativity bc yall want to be heard thats why yall tag him he doesmt nees to know ur helping him against others this is his not yalls if u got nothing nice to say then let it go let the admins talk for themselves stop tagging in ur lil rants of i hate complainers and blah blah lol anyways peace and love this has nothing to do with me but be positive dont let ppl get u upset just move on

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    Don't know about all that..What I do know is I buy empty caps from gnc. Right now I'm filling them with 50mg of Taj Mahal's it's not meant to make me trip just a subtle adjustment for my brain. At that dose the only thing I feel is better with increased focus and a slight boost of energy. I can pop a cap any time thing's get a bit muddled and it helps bring me back to a conscience state. Don't pay for someone to fill ya caps do it yourself and save a ton of money. I don't trip anymore so an oz of Taj will last me for years.

  • @MNTDWLER i agree with that dont pay to get em filled do it ourself

  • @MoonMan5, I am confused by your comment, maybe because it was one big run-on sentence IDK..... But, I commented before medman, not after? You said people see medman comment then they become 'forum warriors'?? So again, I am confused. But anyway, all I am saying is not everything is going to be perfect. In this case, I had to chime in because it was just so obvious people weren't considering the word micro. Microdose is a microdose; the word micro means extremely small/little. So it's not that I am a kiss ass (much better than hall monitor or forum warriors). The reason for my comment was for people to stop and think before they start complaining. People love to complain, very few give positive feedback. So, therefore, my comment accomplished both! I will leave positive remarks when I feel it warrantied and these guys do shit right, unlike SOOO MANY OTHER sites! have a good night buddy, let's not go back and forth. I just wanted you to understand my comment

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    @MILLoneION wrong thread i posted in was allno big deal was not directed toward you i love this site and always give good reviews trust me they get more good then bad or they would not have a buisness and if my run on sentence bothers you please move on no arguing here im all love bro ty or maybe it was directed at whoever trys to always chime in and tag the site leader idk but again its over stay safe and well

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