Is the website down?

The website is currently down due to a technical issue. I assure you we will be back as quickly as possible. Thanks!



  • Thank goodness! I was REALLY worried for a minute!

  • Why do you hate me? Lol
    Just kidding.
    I expect great things when it comes up

  • Thanks for the update Medboy. No matter the hiccup, you all pull through.

  • It's back

  • Thanks to everyone for being patient while we kicked the gremlins out of the site. Things are back to normal. -MB

  • Get some flower and it's back to normal! Lol jk..

  • Website went down again......

  • It is down again! I saw it up last night but it didn’t have much inventory. I hope it comes back up soon.

  • Yes, it looks like the issue came back. We're on it!

  • damn gremlins are back I guess screwing up the site...that was funny :)

  • ....and we're back! Sorry for the rollercoaster. New stuff is coming soon too, I promise. :)


  • Lots of us in preship for a week hope that changes too

  • @cmweems1964 , It may be usps not scanning the packages when they are picked up from the blue mailbox. I have had a lot of my amazon orders go straight from preship to out for delivery. as far as this site goes. I ordered vape refills last Sunday and the label was printed Monday, it shipped Tuesday, arrived Friday. You cant beat that at all considering im on the east coast

  • @jjtn276 I find my own packages sometimes sit in "waiting for drop off" sometimes for a week and then the next day they just show up. If the USPS doesn't scan the package, it won't update. You are absolutely correct. -MB

  • Praying I get some that not scanned luck cause getting to the nitty gritty

  • @Vapedad78 Yeah, I'm running on about Day 7 of dryness. My anxiety is eating me alive. Ready for my meds. I went ahead and made two more orders (from Medmama this time) today just so I can have more coming in by the end of December...

  • @OzBaxter I feel ya buddy, thought I was on top of it but shit happens and now med cabinet looking dismal compared to how try keep it, come on unexpected surprise drop really could use lil good luck to offset everything shitting the bed simultaneously lol

  • Can they deliver it without ever scanning it?

  • Yeah I've gotten 1 package once that never scanned just showed up bout 5 ot 6 days after requested but every other time had least label created and scanned once

  • yes you can for sure happens more than you think.

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