Diamonds - Jack Herer

Jack arrived. These diamonds are dry as powder. No smell, no taste. Hard to get on my small head dab tool. Great clean clear-headed high. No sleepies. No munchies. If flavor is a deal breaker, you’ll be disappointed but the high is just what you need to lift the mood, motivate the brain and get stuff done.


  • Thanks @agingasian I was wondering how the consistency varied between the strains and how it affects the smoke. How much would you say to use as a topper on flower? My tolerance is up there.

  • @Reshi heres a shot of Master Blaster for comparison.

    Although still dry, there’s a tad more moisture to this strain. Slight yellow tint against JH white. Again, no odor to speak of. Maybe the slightest tinge of 🌲. Hard hitter for sure. Small dab swelled my eyes kinda high. 😎 if ur tolerance is high, sprinkle that baby up! It’ll be great! Tolerance warning tho, you build it up quick with all the concentrates I’ve tried, no matter what form. The more I dab the more I need to load to get there. Problems right? Happy Saturday night!

  • Yeah I dislike the dryness and tend not to reach for my diamonds as much nowadays (the ones I have are from the inaugural run and have more chunky crystals than your photo). Shame cause I still have several grams. It helped to add equal ratios of terp sauce or rosin but that jacks up the cost per dab ratio considerably. The CRC and sauces are my current 🔥

  • @funkynugz I’m with you, love those sauces for flavor. Sticky af but taste & potency made me
    love them. I also really liked the Rude Boi CRC but it’s the only CRC strain I’ve tried.

  • @agingasian the multi-linked anxiety chain of ordering here is getting to me lately and telling me to hold off but I’ve got just enough bitcoin burning a hole in my wallet to maybe grab another couple gms of CRC during next weeks holiday sale. That or mamas purple Kush terp sauce. Then I’m officially taking a break to burn through all the stuff i bought here during the ‘Rona. Never look at your bitcoins history! 😬

  • Thanks that’s really good to know. I grabbed some CRC mendo x miracle whip but have yet to break into it yet. The diamonds make me cough like crazy so hoping the CRC is more smooth. Experimenting is fun! Lol
    Have a good night y’all 🥳

  • @funkynugz hear ya but had to try some more sauce and looked at purple kush but ultimately went dark star, the jack frost and green crack were really nice

  • @Vapedad78 ya I really like the DS, the terps to me taste a lot like Granddaddy Purps.

    @Reshi the CRC IMHO is 💯 smoother than the diamonds.

  • Yep, glad I got the chance to try the diamonds but I really miss flavor. The cost per dab to add the flavor back with some sweet sauces will not be sustainable. I also prefer the CRC to the diamonds but again...flavor. Thankful for the chance to learn I prefer live resins and sauces. Without this site, I’d still be meeting Derek in the parking lot of the QT and he’s 15 min late and wants to talk and I just want to get my weed and go tf home so, there’s that.

  • Lol right and not knowing if derek told you right or just made some shit up off top his head and whatnot. I'm with ya on flavor town @agingasian , definitely enjoy diamonds and liked the crc a lot but gimme dem Terps and entourage effect ftw imho

  • @Reshi Any feedback on the CRC you had?

  • Anyone try the B tier crc , wondering how it is compared to other stuff

  • @LifeLong14 I can attest the mendo/miracle whip is super smooth with a nice flavor. Not harsh at all sandwiched in between some bud. I haven’t been that high in a long time - super stony, laughing and talking to the dogs kinda fun! Pain melted away and my anxiety and mood was night and day different.
    I was concerned about having it melt into my Mighty but no casualties, so I’d consider it a success.
    As for the consistency - why are some waxy and other more like globs of rice grains? Some are easier to work with than others.
    I hope concentrates last a long time in general, keeping the silicone cool and dark, as I have an assortment and I know this won’t be an everyday thing for me. I don’t want to take a T break and I prefer rotating strains to keep me my high alive. Layering flavor and diff effects from strains is like cooking - and even my accidents are happy!

  • I've been told to keep, especially extra terpy items in glass containers when possible so the silicon or plastic doesn't leech the terps

  • @Vapedad78 How about storing it in the freezer? Any idea if this is bad or good for extending the life of a diamond/wax/shatter? Like, for a year or so?

  • Mini fridge is consensus on reddit I believe

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