Mix and match refills?

Are we able to order 2 different vape refills instead of getting 2 of the same?


  • They have always split them in the past when I’ve asked.

  • You can split them by leaving a comment for what you'd like (max of 2 choices). Note though that if you comment request an item that is out of stock when the order arrives for the shipper, they will ship you a full order of what you first chose. -MB

  • OK cool, thanks for the info.

  • @medboy If we do the qty8 option, can we get 4 selections of 2ea as long as they are with the same shipper?

  • They've done it for me all but the last time I ordered. I think they were just overwhelmed from green Friday because I got 8 syringes of mystery lol

  • @rasta0458 You can always ask, the issue with splitting that many times is you may run into a choice that isn't available by the time your order gets filled. I would always suggest multiple alternatives and not be disappointed if I only received exactly what was ordered originally. -MB

  • @medmama @medboy @NOLA504 @rasta0458 I have ordered 4 syringes split in 2 and 8 split in to 4 and they have always came through with exactly what I asked for. I love their refills. Always top quality with awesome tastes

  • I have never had a problem at all, as a matter of fact med mamma just sent me a entire order because a split wasn't sent and I recieved 1/2 of my order. So I ended up with 4 extra refills it was a bit of back and forth but all issues resolved. Even though I didn't get the split I wanted who can complain lol. 😎

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