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Looking to maybe get a new portable vape. Looking for a discrete device with above average battery life under 200$. A few that I were looking at were POTV One, ArGO, Pax 2/3, and Fury Edge. If anyone has any experience with these please let me know some pros and cons.


  • I love my two vaporizes from Puri5. I have the magnum3 and the titanic. Both have water bubblers I which I personally love. Highly recommended. I still own my pax but with these two vaporizer I really don’t use it anymore. The magnum3 also comes with a concentrate cylinder.

  • Nice! Thanks for the response. Will give it a look. I have the GPen Elite that I got on sale back in November and I am really not too impressed with it's draw, which is why I am looking for more options.

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    Puffco peak and pro have both given me solid performance with no problems over the last few years. I just ordered a second pocket model because my first is a few years old and they are on sale now. Good luck finding what's best for your needs.

  • Well I decided to go with the Fury Edge (139$). I was going to go with the POTV One(89$) which is apparently the exact same as the Fury2, but the battery life of the POTV One/Fury2 is only 30-40 min while the Edge is 70-90 min. Figured that the point of having a portable vape was to be able to use it on the go and more battery life was worth the extra $. Should come in the mail sometime next week.

  • did you already order? The one is an upgrade over the edge. I got it shortly after i got the desk top I really like it the bowl is a little small but itll get me ripped. you can get pods off POTV to prefill. The ONE has interchangable mouth pieces as well, so they might fit on the fury. the bent glass mouth pc is the way to go. i reach for the ONE over the desk top. I want to try a sticky brick

  • @groundscreeper, yeah I ordered last night. I read where the POTV One was an updated version of the Fury2 with the POTV One having haptic notification and the temp. display was flippable (no matter which way you hit it, the temp display is right side up). But they both had the same size battery and battery life (30-40 minutes, with a 90 min recharge via micro-USB).

    Then, I read where the Fury Edge was pretty much an updated version on the POTV One, where they now adapted the haptic responses and the flippable display. But now a larger battery was incorporated for run time of 70-90 min, charged with USB-C. I went with the Edge over POTV One only because of the battery life. But if you are saying that the battery life is the same, I may return and get the One.

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    Pocket is the point 😎my p/c is great and for $69 you can't beat it, hey that's a $20 saving toward filler🤪 and it charges fast off a USB. I have never timed it but it does have a strong battery and the cloud production is definitely there. Check out the video. Sorry about that I did buy a crystal 2 "don't make the same mistake " it's bigger huge battery nice glass bowl and my smaller puffco kicks it's ass all day long. Good luck Great bud and good friends. Mntdwler

  • My favorite hands down is the Linx Eden. All quartz chamber, not a plastic part on it. 99 dollars and can also vape concentrates with the herb at the same time. People say it doesnt hit hard enough, but you just gotta pull slow I can clear the chamber in 1 hit

  • Any recommendations on a portable dry herb vaporizer for $100 or so, fam?

  • @MigraineWarrior79 GanjaLion seems to like the Linx Eden, Groundscreeper likes POTV One. Both are around that price.

  • Does the dry herb vaporizer do a good job on the medicating part or is smoking a j about the same? What I want to know really it's not a waste right?

  • @Kayla sometimes I get higher from my vapes, you get to experience the terpenes aromatherapy hen you vape instead of smoke. Long as you vape the weed until its brown you got it all. If you want you could make extracts or edibles with the already vaped herb, but you need to use alot to make it strong.

  • @GanjaLion wheres the best online store to purchase these dry herb vaporizers?

  • @Kayla I would try to stick to purchase it from there official websites. 420science and smokecartel are decent online head shops that sell vapes if you dont want to buy it from the official sites

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    @Kayla, I have found this website does a good job of finding the best deals on vapes. They don't sell them on their website but rather have links and coupon codes for vapes that have sales on other websites. The also give decent reviews of vapes as well. https://www.vapospy.com. I usually will read a bunch of reviews of vapes that im interested in (on their website along with just researching on google) then once I make up my mind about the one(s) I like, I search for it on vapospy and see what coupon codes they have and can usually find it at the lowest price that way.

    @GanjaLion wait, so I can REUSE the used vaped bud?

  • @NOLA504 for sure, its potency will depend on how thoroughly you vape the bud. If you vape it till its dark brown its not going to be so strong, if its still a little golden or slightly green it will be more potent. I keep all of it in a jar, fills in the gaps on days where im waiting for a package. Can either cook it in a fat or make a grain alcohol extraction, the extract wont taste so great but it will get you stoned.

  • Any one ever try puffco peak vaporizer for concentrates, thinking of getting one, a lot of money though , would like to see some reviews, if any.

  • @MNTDWLER has one I think.

  • You can't go wrong with the peak or the plus they are both on sale and work every dime. I have had mine for 2 years with no problems and just ordered another pocket plus just to have on hand.

  • Cool , thanks for info

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    I have the puffco peak, and I love it!
    Easy to clean, and use. I reccomend!

  • I have the puffco plus and love it!

  • Just received my Fury Edge and love it. Such a smooth easy draw. The G Pen Elite often was tough to pull.

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    @kayla I was an every day multi day smoker till i got turned on to the vapes... what i would smoke on lunch (2 mid size bong bowls) last me ALL day ALL DAY and i just made my first batch of ABV oil. and i am suprised by the potency of something i would have thrown away. Yes; save the ABV and water cure for multiple days. I even dried a little out and vaped it again to see if it did anything; and to my ultimate surprise it freaking did! it did! i havent smoked anything for over a month and that was just to be polite. I turned 2 guys on to it and @BigDoinks bought the ONE the same day he tried mine. i have POTVS the ONE i use it more than my desk top I have tried the Gpen elite, i like the oven size on it, i dont like the mouth piece on it. The ONE you can get multi mouth attachments you have to get the bent glass one its the best. I have the arizer Q desktop that @NOLA504 turned me on to and i love it, the ONE is easier and quicker. but i am telling you this vaping is a big money save, the taste is amazing. look for one that has a all glass air way for best flavor. Vaposy.com and fuckcombustion.com all have good info

  • I use the arizer solo 2 and this has become my daily use I actually gave away most of my glass pieces. I’ve had mine going on three years and would by another tomorrow if it broke I also own the extreme q but usually find myself using the solo the taste is great with no harshness and I believe it conserves a ton on usage

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