Premium Ice-cream cake

Merry Christmas to all!...did anyone get a chance to order the Premium ice cream cake if so any pics and how was is it? Last batch was 🔥🔥


  • @Petesevilla1 received our z of Ice Cream Cake yesterday. Smaller nuggets as expected with Ice Cream Cake, beautiful green and purple hues with a generous frosting. It’s a really nice, heavy hitting Indica leaning hybrid with the GSC genetics that I love so much. Great on the nose, and delicious both smoked and vaped. It may not be a sleep strain for me, but it’s definitely a great evening strain that will leave you completely relaxed from head to toe.

  • @TheProfessor Awesome thanks for the review on it and didnt get chance to grab this batch but the pic looked amazing on the site last batch was really tasteful!

  • Yeah, I was able to get a 1/4 of that premium Ice cream cake from last batch, the one that Loud had .. maybe like about 2 months ago? something like that. was definitely AWESOME. (i also almost ruined the whole bag due to being a moron and using incorrectly re-hydrated bovedas- PSA- if you're using them again and again, don't rehydrate them by actually submersing them or putting water on them.. if they take on too much moisture, they will soak your buds)

    anyways, even tho I'm pretty much all set, i couldn't help but order another lil bit of the ICC . since it was so bomb last time. anyway, shows that it hit Houston at about midnight on Xmas eve. so, monday? hopefully?

    hope you all have a great Xmas!! glad you got yours in before Xmas @TheProfessor ! @Petesevilla1 Merry Christmas my friend! hopefully now you'll be ready next time it comes around!! gotta be ready to strike quick when something good comes along, like a snake :mrgreen:

  • @v32Finish Merry Christmas too you aswell bud! And oh yea i do trust me lol i try to get a few zips every other week i had just placed an order the day before it had came out i believe that was the issue lol but yea that last batch was super fire tasted just amazing like cake 🍰 lol Enjoy yalls buds!!

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    Just got my Ice Cream Cake today! Vaping some right now..based on appearance, aroma, and flavor 5/5 💥. I’m partial to wedding cake anything, but regardless I’m very happy with it. Thx! @LoudnCo

  • @superman38NC would love a pic if you get the chance. This was another strain that looked so good. Glad you love it.

  • @superman38NC oh man, that close up one looks lip smackin' good! Appreciate it bro! Have a happy & safe new year's!

  • Very welcome! Happy new year and safe travels to you too! Wish I could burn one with ya. That particular bud is mostly green, but one calyx is straight purple. I wonder if this is the same grower for all the batches of ice cream cake. Nice work regardless!

  • Hey, @superman38NC - does yours have a really distinct, savory garlic/onion aroma??

    mine definitely has a sweetness to it, but even my wife walked by and paused in her tracks when i was opening the bag for the first time. (just for context, she never does that, and the last time this happened was with a Loud premium batch of Wedding Cake. lol) she said "WOW, that smells skunky.. but, like garlickey!"

    at first when i saw your pics, i wasn't sure if it was the same bud that i received.. but then, based on your description, (and the last of the 3 pics) , i think it is.. mine was a mix of light-to-medium dark green, but mostly light green, but with about 3 of the 5-6 buds streaked beautiful purple. and super, super frosty!

    oyy. still pretty mad at myself that i only got an 8th. i even debated with myself and actually had the order filled out to get a 1/2, but changed it due to wanting to save money. wish i hadn't! :lol:

    now i'm finally showing a label for the premium Ice Cream Cake x Kush mints, from Mama!! so... head-to-head review?? :joy: lets go... i just feel grateful

    happy NY everyone.. love the medfam & the ppl i've met here - you all kick ass. everyone be safe, and have a great new year !

  • Hey @v32Finish i believe it is the same batch. Mine are mostly green with random calyx’s of light purple..i read your post before opening and anticipated that on for sure! Similar to the GMO cookies which I found I really like!

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    I figured! That's cool. Yeah, definitely like it alot! I have not got ahold of GMO or any other garlic type strain so it was new for me, which is cool. Big fan tho!

    And yeah, Im pretty sure it's the same batch, you're right. Hoping it comes back! ! 🤓

  • It is definitely some pungent flower. My in-laws stayed here this weekend on their way to FL. I gave my wife’s father about an 1/8 of Blueberry Muffins and an 1/8th of the new Ice Cream Cake. They called after getting to FL wondering how to get the smell out of the car! Lol! Maybe we should have vacuum sealed it. He’d brought some of his own “local,” but it didn’t smell like the ICC. @v32Finish I’m pretty sure you’d love GMO or Garlic Cookies. I had some med. dispensary Garlic Cookies a couple months ago that was some of the strongest flower I’ve ever had.

  • GMO is great! I didn't get a chance to grab any when, I think Loud, dropped some a month or two back.

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    @TheProfessor use the 4oz ball jars and throw a boveda 62 in. Perfect for family and smell proof.

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    @MikeyC it was just my father-in-law...he’s almost I’m always well stocked with multiple jars and lots of boveda 62s but he didn’t want any. My kids work for the government and I’ve got grandkids so we keep everything family friendly around here!? Thanks!

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